What picking technique?

I was watching this video from The Japanese fusion Dimension and was wondering what picking technique does the guitarist Takashi Masuzaki use?

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I see both DSX and USX

Here are some more videos

Wrist motion, like Andy Wood or Al Di Meola. Similar arm position and motion. There are lots of small details in the way a player can do that, but if you’re looking for this type of technique, you can simply try the same “lightly supinated” arm position and move only the hand, not the arm. Details of the “escape”, i.e. whether the player uses upstroke escape or downstroke are kind of in the weeds, because once you assume this arm position you can do either if you need to.

That’s the short answer!

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Thank you very much Troy.

Wondering what the long answer is?

The Pickslanting Primer! The stuff on wrist motion is here:

If you want to make sure you’re solid with the basic concepts first, start one section back in Picking Motion. Lots of description and playing examples / videos to watch here: