What picks are you using?


Thank you!!!

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Buahahahahaha! I gotta order some soon. They’re on my shopping list.


You can see some of my pics in this video. I’ll get you a better one later though. v picks


That dark one looked like it would be up my alley. Looks fairly thick. Or all they all the same thickness, and for some reason that darker one just looked different?


John, cool to have you here!

While we are on the topics of picks - have you ever tried those Dunlop Speedpicks? They have a twisted tip, like the SikPik.

What do you like about the 6mm pick? I have a 5mm Dunlop Primetone and find it hard to play with. I must give it another go sometime!


I have not tried the Dunlop Speedpick, but I’ve seen some images of them.

Couple things I really like about the 6mm pick. For one, it’s surprisingly comfortable to hold. Seems much easier to grip a big thick pick VS a more traditional slim one. Second, just like the Sik Pik, the distance from string to string is reduced due to the size of the pick.

The string distance being reduced is why I loved the Sik Pik so much. With the 6mm Gravity Pick, I still have the distance reduced, plus greater accuracy.

The beveling on the Gravity Pick really helps to just glide over the strings.

I found this pick on Sweetwater. I just ordered a bunch of different picks they had available. Had they offered the 5mm Primetone I would have tried that. Sounds like I would like it!


Anyone tried the Insanity(v-picks) pick?

The claim seems to be that practicing with it would improve your technique. I’m somewhat sceptical to the idea of perfecting technique only to have to transfer the precise movement to your regular pick again afterwards but haven’t tried it myself.


I’ve always wondered what it would be like to try one of those but I wouldn’t want to spend the money to find out. I’d imagine it would be extremely difficult to play with.


I’ll be finding out soon enough. I intend on getting one eventually.


Let us know when you do and what you think of it.


I’ll be doing a video when I have one. @uglijimus was kind of enough to mail me some V-Picks he’s no longer using so I could try some out before buying any of the really expensive ones. I’ll be doing a video on those too. I can post it here when it’s done.


Cool! Really looking forward to your review @milehighshred.


I use the John Petrucci Jazz III exclusively, it’s the best pick I’ve tried so far, so it sounds like I need to try out these Swiss picks.
What I like about the JP is the size is perfect, it’s about halfway between a Jazz III and a Jazz III XL, but I’ve always wished the grip was a little better.


Exact same boat MCM!
I love those JP picks, but I am intrigued by the Swiss Picks!


I alternately used Dunlop Jazz “Stubby” 3mm and custom Kradl picks depending on what I was doing for many years. I was using a strict alternate picking approach forever and a day.

Once I came across Troy’s work and the explicit demonstration of pick angle and slant, I found myself gravitating to tortoise shell Fender Mediums! They sound better to me than the more traditional looking Dunlop copies.

As my approaches evolve, I find myself reaching for more than one size of pick. With a severe downward pick slant I needed the extra length of the full size pick. As I refine I’m not always using that dramatic slant and the small picks become practical again.



Dunlop max grip Jazz III,I went from regular sized Dunlop picks to Jazz III and now find it had to play with regular sized picks.It is all personal preference


It’s funny, at the beginning of this thread nearly two months ago, I was a big supporter of the regular sized Swiss Picks. But now I am a full Dunlop Jazz III (2.0 mm) supporter! I love it so much that I have one in my pocket right now :sweat_smile:

I have to say that lately, I have been experimenting with a floating picking hand instead of anchoring with the pinkie, so I wonder if the new pick choice came as a consequence to my new picking hand style…


I think part of the reason a lot of people grow to like the small “standard” Jazz III is that the small size forces you to choke up on your pick grip somewhat (i.e. less pick tip sticking out from the grip), and that the choking up helps people keep their pickstrokes consistent, even with a floating hand (the flesh around the pick grip provides tactile feedback when the choked up grip gets so close to the strings that it touches them). One reason I moved away from the small version of the Jazz III a while back was because I found I was rubbing the back of the last knuckle on my index finger against the strings when I was doing what we now refer to as DWPS. The “XL” version of the Jazz III lets me grip securely without choking up on the tip so much, and let’s me choose when I want to choke up and when I don’t. I actually still have the tip of my index finger pretty close to the tip of the pick, but the last knuckle is bent at a less acute angle, and the knuckle itself is further away from the pick tip (and the strings).

Do smaller picks lend themselves to TWPS?

Thanks for your fast feedback.

Man, you are describing exactly what I am experiencing at the moment! I started experiencing this since switching back to Jazz III + floating hand. I never had this problem when I was anchoring. But it’s maybe because I was unconscionably pushing away my picking hand from the strings to avoid this "rubbing. Which once again shows how many things we tend to do intuitively while practicing… In my case I seem to have learned more bad habits that slow me down than good habits :sweat_smile:


Quick bit of trivia - the Jazz III XL was originally designed for Buckethead.

I have some Jazz III XL Primetone picks coming to me, hopefully tomorrow, so we’ll see how those go. I have found the Primetone a little grippy on the strings, but at least it’s more picks to add to my collection!