What picks are you using?


Before Cracking the Code, one of the great mysteries of picking to me was how anyone could alternate pick with a closed fist without their fingers getting in the way. Never occured to me that slanting the picking motion the opposite way (UWPS) might be a thing.


The first pick I ever got stuck with, a long long time ago, was the little purple 3mm Stubby, exlusively used for a few years, never thought I’d change. Then switched to Jazz III’s and stayed with them for almost 15 years, never thought I’d change. Then one day someone gave me to try a Dragon’s Heart-and that was it. Been using them for the last couple of years, I don’t think I’ll ever change…:grinning:


Currently digging these:
And also these:

The tone is great and the tip feels a bit more glidy than that of Jazz III’s, so that it takes me less energy to pick fast (or so it seems). Only problem is that they wear out very quickly :frowning:


Yes those Pickboy picks are cool! I have those nylon ones as well in my collection, I wish I could get more but they are very hard to find in the UK.

The carbon nylon one with the leaf design is cool, I like the tip they have on them, much sharper than the Jazz III.


I’m also in the UK, I often find them on ebay (look for pickboy reefer), usually dispatched from Germany or the US.


Thanks @tommo. I originally got mine through Stringbusters a lot of years ago, it seems they are all sold out and never got any more in.


Purple TIII for the win?


I used a variety of jazz iii’s. I am now obsessed with the Dunlop Primetone 308, absolutly my favorite picks ever.


What gauge are you using? I got the 3mm and 5mm, the 3mm is nice, but the 5mm is way too thick.


I use the 3mm. They really help me keep tension out and slice through the strings better than anything I’ve found. Also nice on my classical guitars.


any reason why you like them so much?


did you ever get those in the mail? if so, what do you like about them?


Yeah I got them a few weeks ago. I like the size of the XLs but I find the Primetone material a little too grippy on the strings and therefore I don’t really use them much. They have a warm tone, if that’s what you’re after, but I prefer Ultex and I think they are the best picks Dunlop has ever made.


Not exactly sure. Funny, the very first time I tried them didn’t like them, they felt too big and awkward. But the second time-a few years later-they felt just right. I like how the grip feels, I like the tone and, frankly, I like the way they look. Plus, they last for ever.


I get that a lot. “I hate this pick” 2 months later…hey this is pretty good! Have you ever posted a video of you playing using the dragonheart picks?


I got a few Dragon Heart picks a couple years back and used them quite a bit for a period, but I haven’t touched them in ages. The size feels too clunky in my hand and the grip has been an issue for me. Very “chirpy” pick attack too. I’ve found the mid-gauge and smaller V-Picks to suit me the best. I like Ben Eller’s Wizard Picks by BHL but I wish it was a bit grippier.

Thinking about trying some of those Pickboys–how’s the grip on them? I’m enjoying my Vs but they are pretty damn expensive and not that durable compared to BHL or Dragon Heart. Would like to find a cheaper, bulk option.


No, sorry. Actually, I’m not sure…there’s a clip on youtube but I’m not sure whether I play Dragon Heart or Jazz III’s.
Can’t remember exactly when I switched.


Just shouting into the void that for whatever reason, I’m really digging the Ultex Sharp 1.0mm right now. For some reason I like the feel of it a lot more than the thicker Ultex Sharps. And I like the amount of volume I can produce from it with a very shallow pick attack compared to using Tortex or Nylon.


@Frylock, I definitely think Ultex is one of the best materials ever.

What you say about the thinner picks also rings true for me. I definitely gravitate towards thinner thicks, mostly anything below 1.0mm. I personally find thinner picks makes picking a little easier - that’s probably a feel thing. Plus, I like the tone they give when picking, especially the Ultex.


Yeah man, I was playing acoustic outside this past weekend and the Ultex Sharp 1.14 had the best tone out of the Tortex T3 and the Clayton BeeHold I had with me. You could really hear me clearer and crisper over the other 2 acoustic players. I need to try the 1mm Ultex out I guess… There’s you and Teemu preferring them

Yeah, I like to go as thin as I can before the pick starts bending… that’s usually 1mm to 1.14mm