What picks are you using?


Does anyone use these guys? I’ve tried many, many picks and these have become my “go to” picks.

The 0.50mm is great for strumming acoustic guitars and funk playing (Good Times, Thriller, Kiss stuff like that).

The 0.73 is great for Hendrix-type solo-rhythm crossover.

The M3 and H3 are great for solos and rhythm where you need a less flexible pick with a louder attack.

And of course the Max-Grip Jazz III which is my “stranded on a desert island” pick.

The problem I have with other picks are that they are either too big or have a certain sound to them which I dislike, which the tortex picks have less.

For example, the red Jazz III has a very dark sound and constantly slips off of my strings when playing fast rhythm riffs. Good for leads, but not for fast riffs.

With these 5 picks in my pocket I know that I can play any guitar, electric or acoustic, in any style and still get a decent sound and control. What do you think?


Here’s my update…

From left to right, the Tradition 4.0, Dimension, and Diamond (all 4 mm thick). The ones on the bottom are the same models, but with what they call “mummy strips.” V-Picks are supposed to be super grippy, and most people find that they are, but I found them slippery as hell, so I requested mummy strips. Originally, they sent me the picks I requested without mummy strips, but after a quick e-mail, Vinni made things right, redid the picks, and sent them out the next day (hence the reason for the picks in the top row). Props to him! I find the picks much easier to hold on to with the mummy strips.

Anyways, I’m really liking the Diamond and the Dimension picks. The Dimension has a sharp tip, but if you turn it, you can use the other edges for strumming. Still loving how these picks glide over the strings.The picks are starting to wear and lose their point, but that’s after a month’s use, with an average of at least 2 hours of playing every day. The Diamond has 3 sharp points, so I’ve been rotating to another point and can feel the sharper tip. A bit pricey, but since I don’t lose picks, I’m really happy with these. Will probably be ordering some more when the points wear away on these ones.


Good choice!! I only brought them because ‘Nuclear Cheddar’ was such a great name. But I kept using them because they’re awesome!


I’m starting to agree with Troy that the more I get comfortable with my picking technique, the less my choice of pick matters. Now I’m even going back to round tips at times (but then again I’m not aiming for crazy speeds).


After using various jazz-sized picks for more than a decade (I initially started off on Stubby 3.0s since they had a darker, smoother attack that - IMO - integrated better with legato) and switchhing it up every now and then but for the last couple years settling on Dunlop Jazz-sized Tortex Pitch Black 1.0s (the same as the white tortex, but black so that much cooler), I started messing around on mandolin a little and found their rounded tips caught the string a little less, so I pulled out some full-sized Fender heavies and found after a couple days’ adjustment I felt more controlled with the larger pick, several months ago. I felt like I tended to miss the strings less when skipping strings (for bluesier style SRV/Jimi things rather than Gilbert style speed picking), and was less likely to make virtually everything where I jumped across strings like that a semi-harmonic.

I should probably try the Jazz sized ones again just for kicks. About the only thing I can say for sure with picks is, whenever I find something I like, it’s inevitable that in six months to two years I’ll change my mind. :laughing:


WInspear “Shiv” 4mm tapered. It’s 4mm at the shoulder, but closer to 1mm at the tip, with a very sharp bevel around the edge.

All the materials sound different, but my favourite (for weight, tone and grip) is the amber one.


Those look amazing, like they are too good to play with.


They’re pretty special!


My favorites! Their stickers suck though. They don’t stick that much :smile:


Swiss Picks are cool!! I ordered some Swiss Picks in 2014, here is a quick write up on TGP.

Pete was incredibly friendly and gracious in sorting me out as I’m in the UK and if anyone else is looking to buy from him then I would be confident you would have a good experience.


They look real cool and sound pretty good. But the polycarbonate they are made of is real slippery. If it wasn’t for the cheese holes, there’s no way it would stay in my hand. And I’m not someone that drops picks. Swiss Pick’s use different material in their other picks.


Oh really? That’s interesting. I’ve never really found that. I play them purely for the sharp tip, makes the speed stuff easier for me. Liking the looks of @NickJennison’s picks. May pick up a few of those!


@TheCount - Tom’s a great guy, with really good customer service. If you shoot him an email, he might send you some to try. They’re available in a bunch of different sizes, including some total monsters that might be fun for hyper picking.


How long do they last? The swiss picks are the everlasting gobstopper of the pick world, they don’t look like I’ve even touched them. Does the sharp tip keep it’s point?


The Winspears look cool, but they are too expensive for me to be honest.


Hard to say at this point (ba bum!) but I’ve been using my current batch for a while and I’ve not managed to wear the tip much/at all. Ask me in a month!


Funny that you say that. I was considering trying those as well.

I know you are probably stronger than I am, but do the 6mm picks cause picking fatigue? I love gigantic picks… but after a while… I get a little tired in the forearm area.


I think I am the only one here who uses the gigantic Dunlop Tri Stubby Guitar picks.

After years of playing with tiny Jazz III’s… I switched to petructi, then to full-sized Dunlops, then to gigantic Tri-Picks. Honestly… if there is a larger pick out there… I wouldnt mind trying it.


The big picks seem to be reported as being easier to hold and play. V-Picks has pretty thick stuff (which I also use and endorse like the Psycho) and there are reviews on their site about how helpful the thicker picks are in reducing picking strain.


The nuke cheddars are growing on me. I like em.


@milehighshred I have some V-picks but I use the thinner Switchblade and Tradition Lite 2. I think those are around 1.5mm