What picks are you using?


Good to see you posting again, dude! :beers:

When I reflect on it, I think part of what I like about the 1.0mm is that it has a bit of flex to it, but not a crazy amount. But also, I think the added thickness of the 1.14 and up (Ultex Sharp) makes the tip feel a little less precise to me, despite the bevelled edge. It might be an illusion related to the rigidity, but I just feel like I have more control with the 1.0. And to me, it also seems a little more comfortable to grip. I don’t know if it’s just that I’m used to holding picks of similar thickness, or if it has something to do with the flex of the pick making it form itself slightly to match my grip?


After getting a Dunlop variety pack I’ve switched over from the red Jazz IIIs to the tortex 0.73 Jazz III. To my ears it has a brighter attack while remaining relatively stiff. I try to have a relaxed grip so pick bending isn’t an issue. I really like those green 0.88 T3s too. Ben Eller uses them but don’t know the thickness.

Back in the day I used to use homeplate shaped Pickboy 0.8 steel picks. Really brutal attack sound but completely shredded through wound strings. Can’t find them anymore :cry:
pickboy steel


Whaaaaazaaaaaaaaaaaapppp! Well, here are my favorites in order from Left to Right. This order will change I’m sure. I just got some V-picks, I’ve never played them before. I don’t have a concrete opinion of them yet. But they are pretty badass. The switchblade is pretty much the shape of the original Sharp Tortex… which sucks… but they don’t grab the strings the same… I’ll know more as I play them. All Jazz picks are out. They are too small for my fingers.


Nice selection Hank. I have the V-Pick Switchblade too, mine is the same as the third one along in your picture. It has like a roughish edge around it. I find they become very slippery after playing for a while though and I keep needing to clean them with a cloth as they collect dirty and grease from my fingers because of their smooth surface.


Hi there, As you’re speaking of thicker picks and improving accuracy and glide I thought you might like to see this - 9mm Marchbank PhatBhoy Pick. :grin:


I’ve just started using V-Picks too, after winning the ‘Starter Kit’ in their monthly draw. I also find them to be very slippery, so when I ordered some different models, I requested that Vinni add “Mummy Strips” to the picks to see if that helps with grip. To combat that problem in the meantime while I wait for my new picks to arrive, I attached a small piece of an adhesive non-slip material (it’s like something you’d use to prevent you from slipping on wet tile).

However, I absolutely love how easily they glide over the strings. Really hoping those Mummy Strips do the trick.


@demizach what kind of V Picks are those? The one on the right looks like a polished stone!


It looks cool, but too thick for me. I’d like to try one as a novelty but I wouldn’t be able to use it all the time.


@aliendough The one on the right is the Tradition and the one on the left is the Screamer. They’re both 2.75 think, but the ones I’ve got coming are all over 4 mm!


Let us know how you get on with the 4mm + ones @demizach. Both picks you posted look well used for sure.


Yup! I could never handle overly thick picks. The big stubby just slides out from my fingers. The dunlop primetones are perfect. I use the 308 on bass and 305 on guitar (or did I get it backwards)?


For me, the obsessive part of me wants to find the PERFECT pick… after 25 years, I have come to accept using different tools for different guitars/music/tone. I have so many different picks it is kinda laughlable… a huge bag…100s

Take Jazz III Red seems slightly softer than the stiffer black, evident with gyspy jazz style on acoustic with heavy strings. It is a small pick, sometimes, too small. The tone is nice, the character of the attack is pleasing for metal or acoustic stuff. Versatile.

Ultex and the new, Primetone Ultex blend, are probably my fav. The Sharp, isn’t ridiculously sharp, just a 1.mm or son narrower at the sides of tip of the pick. The material is stiff and snappy, the character it is has brings out mids and highs, tightening bottom end. It is stiff enough for keeping the gauge low enough to hear the character of Ultex and pick scrapes! If your using 9’s or even 10’s you can get away with .88s to 1.14mm without bringing fatigue ( overshooting your wrist movement).

Snarling Dog ( brain) Nylons .88 to 1.0mm and or Dunlop Nylon .88, .96. 1.0 1.14 mm all work, more treble on pick attack, slightly more mid scooped in character it imparts imo, ymmv

Those are my choice picks for metal and rock.

If I am just lazy, or doing blues or acoustic or all the above, I will grab a tortex, or tortex edge .88 to 1.14

For acoustic, Jazz III Black, Ultex 1.14, Gator 2.0, Coconut shell ( custom pick), V-pick 3.5mm (triangle) are also usual go-to’s.

Notable mentions: Pickboy metacarbonate, very stiff, decent shape, little small, doesn’t like pick scrapes, Delrin, like soap-stone… wears fast, great with single coils in high gain or a very bright acoustic gtr.
Gator, .88-1.0mm, sharp edge, great for metal, however the tone becomes thuddy very noticably on high gauges 1.5-2 and higher), Big Stubby, very soft tip, decent with blues or strumming, celluloid - a standard, snappy pick attack, but a little soft, but all-around pick. Bone, shell, faux bone, can sound amazing, but can be costly to downright illegal ( tortoise). In fact, REAL hawksbill picks are what has inspired the faux tortoise shell celluloid picks, custom bone picks, faux bone picks, horn picks, and what led to Ultex and Prime. I know someone who got a hold of a real tortoise shell pick and he said, the tone is unique to anything he has tried. It is snappy, chimey high notes, blooming mids with mud or honky, tight bottom (no thud or wool) and blooming midrange. Sounds amazing huh? Well they are and they are illegal to own… sorry guys. haha


I did a little pick comparison video. You can’t really tell much tone wise in it. lol. Thought I would share it here.


Someone not too long ago on facebook was boasting about using 4mm picks… and pretty much damning everyone else using otherwise.


Wow, who knew that “Jazz III” could imply so many different styles? I responded awhile ago about finding new joy in the old Fender medium after years of Kradl and the darkest purple mini “Stubby.” For what it’s worth, and having sampled many different kinds since, enjoying the Dunlop Jazz III “Primetone Sculpted” 1.4 picks. Peace out.


Mini stubby 3mm are great for economy, get a really loud pick sound from them


Well looky here!!! @TheCount C-c-c can I get a wha what?


Dava Jazz Grips


I have been using Dunlop Tortex 1 mm for years. They last a long time and just have the right feel for me.

I tried these out for a while and they felt really good for about 15 minutes and then started wearing away at a rapid pace.


chinese noname standard fender style + d’addario standard. all 1.5mm