What picks are you using?


That’s pretty much it. But it’s the scratchyness I don’t like on picks that wear out like the red nylon, and the clicky plastic attack from the harder materials. Tortex doesn’t get so scratchy and doesn’t click.


Hm, haven’t seen that. We’ll grab one and try it out. I has a sad that it doesn’t come in red though. It really is the best instructional pick color!


I’ll loan you some nail polish and you can hand paint them all :wink:


Thanks… Holy crap… $30.00 per pick??? Maybe I should just 3D print a pick… I wonder if they have a really strong material for that.


LMAO, V-Picks say…

“Ghost Rim model V-PICK is an option of manufacture that gives you a wonderful, unique, and very musical “ghostly whisper” to your pick attack.”

What I am saying is… They burn those rings onto the acrylic with a mini-torch. It makes a abrasive texture to the material. Those “ghostly whispers” sound like extreme edge picking with acrylic sandpaper… Mr. Messenger Man. :gun: I have a few of those picks. :kiss::kiss::grinning: It’s a abrasive chirp attack.

@hamsterman yeah… Not worth the money in my opinion. I bought 4 V-Picks in one order and don’t use them :disappointed:


I used to hate the scratchiness and clickiness of ultem/ultex, but I find the Dunlop 1.0mm Ultex Sharp (or thinner) more tolerable than the thicker Ultex picks, and I like the added brightness with shallow pickstrokes. When I don’t want the added brightness, I find almost no downside to the black “stiffo” Jazz III XL, and I think it wears more slowly than Tortex. The feeling of Tortex is still my favorite, and for playing with a deep pick attack I like the sound, but they do wear out fast, and on the balance of things, I find myself turning most often to the 1.0mm Ultex Sharp or the black stiffo Jazz III XL.


@Troy the only other option I can suggest is Tortex Flex picks. These are the only Dunlop pick I don’t have in my collection (yet), but I’m guessing the blend of Tortex and nylon might be what you’re after. They don’t come in red though. :neutral_face:


I use Dunlop Eric Johnson Jazz IIIs and Ultex Jazz IIIs.

The Eric Johnson Jazz III’s are a soft, matte nylon which wears very smooth. Some time ago, Dunlop used a similar matte nylon on the standard Jazz IIIs and the XLs, but then they changed the material to a glossy nylon which gets scratchy as it wears.

The Ultex Jazz III is the same size and shape as the Eric Johnson Jazz III, but Ultex is much harder, the attack is more percussive and the tone is brighter. I like both for different things.

My technique is sensitive to my pick preference. Using standard sized pick feels like I’m walking in clown shoes.


You have to play them for about an hour before they start to feel good or that’s how I think it’s the best way to make them feel nice. :slight_smile:


Got me some Dunlop TIII’s 1.0mm yesterday. Very happy with them so far!
I had previously tried the TIII .88s after hearing about them on Ben Eller’s channel, but they seemed a bit too bendy for my liking. 1.0 mm may be the optimal compromise between tone and speed (for my taste/playing habits, that is)


Joe Bonamassa nowadays uses a pick that is inbetween the black Jazz III and the red one.

He says: “the black ones are a little too strong and the red ones a little bit too muted. “

Dunlop sent him a Herco pick, that according to him has the perfect balance.

Does anyone know where you can get these Herco Jazz III picks?

I feel the same way about the black and red Jazz III, but I still use the black ones, unless I’m playing funk or Hendrix.


Partly because of this thread, I wanted to get to the bottom of what the “ideal” pick is.

The ideal pick of course does not exist, but you can rephrase the question to:

“What if you could use ONLY ONE pick for the rest of your life, which pick would you choose?”

This way, it is much more objective what the “ideal” pick is for yourself.

I tested practically all Dunlop picks, especially the Jazz shapes, and a couple of boutique picks and even ordered two Winspears (the amber and the icegrip).

I did A/B testing for sound and I also speed tests where I tried to pick my fastests licks and riffs.

Until now if I had to choose only one pick exclusively, it would be the Dunlop Jazz III max grip. It has a few things I don’t like (bit of a hard attack and a bit darker sound) but overall the positives far outweigh the negatives.

I tested it against the Tortex Jazz IIIs, and the Tortex picks have a sort of a duller attack and they also decrease my speed, because of their edge, which is more square.

The Winspears are too pointy, and have a very similar sound to the Max grip, but more plasticky sounding. Didn’t like them. They also slow me down, because I have to hold them differently for the point not to get too deep between the strings.

Then I picked up the Ultex Jazz III 2.0. I’ve had it for a long time, but never tested it.

Turns out, for me, this is the ultimate pick for speeding, because of its beveled edge and sharper point. Soundwise it is exactly like the Max Grip. For me it is the “ideal” pick, except for the grip part, it tends to be a bit more slippery.

So now I tend to switch between the two: max grip for “regular” playing and Ultex for speed and accuracy when soloing.

The ideal pick for me would be an Ultex with the grip of the Max grip.


I’ve been using these:

But I bought some of these last night, and they have less resistance when picking because they are so slippery. I’m not sure if that’s good or not, or if I can get used to it or should stick to the others.


I agree this pick has a lot to like. For effortless “straight ahead speed”, it’s probably the fastest I’ve tried. Ultimately, there were a couple of factors that moved me away from it: 1) The raised lettering dug into my index finger a little too much (could be addressed by sanding the letters down a bit) 2) it’s overall shape and size make it harder to modulate my grip than a flatter pick, e.g. for shifting the point of contact against my index finger, but for me that’s been a concern with all picks that aren’t “full size”.

If someone likes the “regular” Jazz III, I’d definitely recommend the Ultex Jazz III 2.0. Personally, I’ve decided I like full size picks that flex ever so slightly (Ultex Sharp 1.0mm, Jazz III XL), but if I were choosing between regular Jazz III and Ultex Jazz III 2.0, the Ultex Jazz III 2.0 would be the winner.


To make things worse for us all, Dunlop are releasing a lot of new picks mid-March, including another new Petrucci sig.


I was using the stubbies for quite a long time in the past. Things that bugged me were that they would wear very quickly and get scratchy and also, the sound has an attack that I don’t like.

But, if they rock your boat, be my guest :smiley:


@aliendough: You make me feel better about my pick addiction! I keep changing picks all the time, blaming my picking issues on them. :grin: In terms of material and shape I’m a sucker for Ultex (and Jazz III/XL shaped picks), so I haven’t experimented with anything else in a while in terms of brands or models. I think that at the time I replied to the CtC poll I was using Primetone Jazz IIIs, which I still have but don’t use all that often anymore.

At least the “cool” thing is that Primetone picks are about twice as expensive in Europe than they are in the US, to the point that paying for them on Amazon US (port included) is slightly cheaper than buying them in Europe; on the top of that I don’t really wear out picks when I play. As a result I have an excuse not to buy them anymore; I just try not to get too attached to them either too. I’ll still receive a few Primetone Small Tri 1.5mm on Monday because I can’t help myself. Those Flow picks aren’t good news at all to me either since they’re Ultex made and marketed/endorsed by players like Andy James or John Petrucci, who often are linked with Jazz IIIs, hitting on both my weak points. :sweat_smile:

Apparently Andy James also has an issue with sticking with picks…


Ok, I finally got around to trying some Dunlop Jazz III picks, and they are phenomenal. They just a tiny bit more slippery over the strings compared to those dull Dunlops I was using above, but not as stupid slippery as those Dunlop stubbies I tried.



I currently use Swiss Picks Jazz Minis and I love them.A bit expensive but you can only get them online right now.Very similar to Dunlop Jazz III…https://youtu.be/5qz3PXGkM-k


Hahahahaha, cool man. Is that you in the video?