What picks are you using?


Currently using Clayton 1.5 acetyl.
When I bought my Quickrod, it ahippedbwith some Splawn branded picks that just felt perfect. When I emailed Scott (Splawn) about them he said he had them made by Clayton.
I’ve used the Ultex as well.
I typically prefer a thick somewhat rounded tip pick which glides through the strings easily.


Yes that is me in the video brother.I have a bunch of songs on my music page on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/ArtCaveretta/


I picked up yet more picks.

Now I’m using Dunlop TIII 1.35mm and they feel pretty good. Nice and thick, but not crazy thick, and I like the feel of the Tortex. I can’t decide if I like Tortex or Ultex more. They are both fantastic materials for sure.


I was also undecided for a while but in the end I think I prefer the tortex for tonal reasons: its attack sounds more “brushy” and warm, if that makes sense. In contrast, when it makes contact with the string the ultex gives a bit more of a high-pitched “click” sound.

PS: I also keep coming back to the TIIIs, very good picks. Shame they wear out so quickly, but it’s probably the price to pay for the warm tone.


I also go back and forth on which pick materials I prefer. From waaaay back I used tortex, then when I discovered Ultex I used that almost exclusively. But I still went back and forth.
I recently discovered acetyl and I’m really loving it! It’s durable as all hell and it “slips” right through the string.


I would love to get to that point. for me, it’s like 2 picks or nothing. If I don’t use either of those picks, it sounds like I started playing guitar for only a few years :cry:


Kinda replying to myself, but for those who want to try a pick with the same shape as the new Dunlop Flow, you can just try a Dunlop JD 208.


Just got the same, they feel great! There’s something about the black tortex material that makes is feel and sound really good. I have the impression it wears out quick though.


Yeah they do seem to smooth out quite quickly, Ultex is still king!

I also picked up a packet of Dava Jazz Grip poly gels, the ones with the orange tips, and I’m liking them a lot. The rubbery grip is so easy to hold on to.


Those look wild - How are they???


I used Jazz III Black, red if I am out of black. But my preference it Primetone Jazz III XL or Ultex Jazz III XL - pickboy metacarbonates, snarling dogs BRAIN nylon don’t get clicky or stuck on the string like Dunlop Nylons, V-picks, Clayton casein… but I have literally everything out there except for Winspea r? I will check them out. NOT a fan of Delrin, good for 2 hours? Tortex is ok if nothing else…prefer then to Celluloid… but Ernie Ball heavy for whatever reason seems better than Fender Heavy…probably in my head. I have Horn, shell, brass, coconut shell and Stohn picks. All good for difference applications


I tried this once and did not like it. I play mostly thrash and death, so tremelo picking is a must for me. As soon as the pick gets stuck, I’m done with it. and this pick unfortunately kept getting stuck. I definitely prefer other V-picks out there over this, but again, just my opinion.


My favorit at the moment is the Blue Chip TAD 60


I’ve never played a Blue Chip, but would really like to.


You should try.
Great tone and indestructable!


I just looked at the Blue Chips. Interesting design and I’d love to try one but the pricing is pretty ridiculous…
The “100” series (2.5mm) picks are what, $75 for one pick!?!?! That’s just out of line in every way possible.


Bit too expensive for me. :grin:


It’s how you look at it.
Most cheaper well known brand picks i can throw away after a few weeks of intensive playing. This Blue Chip i have over a year now and will go for another year at least i think.
It also has 3 exact the same tips, so you can devide the price by 3.


I just found out that Petrucci released another signature pick! :open_mouth:
Does anybody plan to get this?


Looks good! It is the smaller version of the Andy James signature.