What to watch after completing Pickslanting Primer and 3 Seminars?

I took me 4 months but I finally completed the Pickslanting Primer and all 3 seminars, Yngwie, EJ, two-way. All the questions I had surrounding alternate picking and just fast picking in general have been answered.

There’s so much additional content here, what do you recommend I watch next with the membership? (that’s no for free on youtube for example)

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I enjoyed the Noa Kageyama interview. And Marty Friedman.

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It depends on what your musical goals are, in my opinion!

Is there a specific musical / technical thing you are currently working on?

As @tommo says, it depends what your goals are.

If you haven’t watched the Noa Kageyama interview yet, you might get ideas from that to make all of your practice more productive.

Technique-wise, I think the most interesting “next step” is looking at the material on players who use double-escape picking, and the “Talking the Code” segments on “Crosspicking with the wrist” and “Crosspicking with the wrist and forearm”. That and the Frank Gambale interview.

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