What type of sorcery is this?

What type of technique is this guy using, just wow, such flow in the playing.


All of the techniques? lol

It looks like a slight downward pickslant for alternate stuff, mixed with legato and upstroke sweeps. A little hybrid plucking for chords.


Good lord, that is some impressive playing.

I mean, he’s not crushing the guitar neck under his fretting hand so he’s not REALLY playing… :joy:



He seems to be a wrist player, primarily DSX. Very neutral pick slant. Lots of pull offs/legato playing. He likes to sweep descending. There is some double escaping as well. He is a little bit like Gambale, I guess, with the pinky anchor and everything.

These two videos are shot from a slightly different angle, making it easier to see the picking:


Sorry, I just realized you’d already written almost the same thing! We seem to disagree on the pickslant though. Perhaps you are right, however, there are quite a few upstroke string changes as well.

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I didn’t give it an extremely thorough analysis :wink:

I agree that he does the Gambale 2-way thing depending on what the shape of the line requires, rather be fixed in one right hand setup.


Hi guys, I found this thread upon searching Josh’s name. I was confused by his main picking technique too, because he seems to be using an USX motion, but many of his string changes happen without apparent sweeps following what would be a downstroke.

Here he gives an explanation of the mechanic he uses. It’s USX, but for all odd note-per-string groups, the last note is always a hammer-on or a pull-off. Here’s a clear example with a 3NPS (5NPS on the turnarounds) scale:

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wrong link? maybe meant this?

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