What videos should I watch here, if my eventual goal is to play Tumeni Notes?

I got the membership for this site solely to learn in depth, how to the picking works in Tumeni Notes. Side question, is the arpeggio picking technique in Tumeni Notes called “crosspicking”?

I’ve started watching the “pickslanting primer” series. (I’m not quite certain it’s going to cover the Tumeni Notes technique). I realize he has the free youtube video where he interviews Steve Morse but all his terminology made me confused, so I wanted from to learn from the ground up.

What videos series here is going to teach me how to eventual play/pick Tumeni Notes?



Hi - thanks for signing up! To play Tumeni notes you need to be able to pick one note on a string using a semicircular picking motion that we now call “double escape”. This way you don’t hit any of the surrounding strings. There are lots of different ways to do that. Steve does it with wrist motion and a middle finger pick grip. Olli Soikkeli does it with a mix of wrist and forearm. Martin Miller actually uses fingers. And so on.

My best advice is to first understand what picking motion you’re already making, and use the approach that is most similar to that, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Most people who have been playing for a while aren’t really doing things “wrong” so much as they just don’t know what they’re doing and how it works.

So I’d start with the Pickslanting Primer and check out the pick grip sections and also the picking motion sections. If you figure out that you’re currently using wrist motion, and you have an index finger pick grip, then you can check out this lesson picking arpeggios using wrist motion:

If you’re currently using a mix of forearm and wrist motion, here’s another lesson you can watch:

And here’s another more recent piece we just put up on YouTube about the amazing Olli Soikkeli, who also uses double escape motion:

This comes from the Olli Soikkeli interview, which is brand new and has tons of blazing arpeggio stuff in it:

Again, Olli uses a mix of wrist and forearm, but mostly wrist. So either of those two lessons would get you in the ballpark.

Note that we used to say “crosspicking” in a vague way, but it was confusing because nobody knew if we were talking about the picking motion itself or the type of line you play with that motion, i.e. arpeggios. So now to be extra clear, we say “double escape” when we mean the motion, and “crosspicking” when we mean arpeggio lines. One term for motion, one term for music.

Good luck!


There’s a bunch of clips on the Tumeni pattern (and variations):

Of course, the Morse interview has the juice:

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