What's Your Favorite 70s Heavy Metal Album?

The title pretty much says it. It doesn’t have to be just your favorite guitar playing in a 70s heavy album, just the album you like listening to the most that’s heavy metal.

This is a tough choice. I like Black Sabbath a lot. Tony Iommi was the master of the riff and had tremendous influence over the metal guitarists from then on - even to today. Still my pick is Sad Wings Of Destiny. Great songs, guitar playing that really complimented the songs, and amazing vocals from “the metal god” Rob Halford.

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Scorpions love drive.
It was metal to me anyway.
I imediatly thought screaming for vengence but it wasn’t exactly 70’s

I’d go with King Crimson’s Red. I think I’m going to listen to that today now that I’m reminded, it really is a classic.


Whaaa-aaat?!? No mention of Rainbow??? lol I love Rainbow… wait… is that even metal? The two Dio albums are awesome.

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It’s considered metal, at least Rainbow with RJD is.

“Van Halen” was the most important “metal” album that I can think of from the 1970’s.


There are 4 Rainbow albums with Dio.

Richie Blackmore’s Rainbow
On Stage
Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll

I cant pick a favourite, but it’s between Rising and LLRNR. I’m also a big fan of Deep Purple Mk. III (Stormbringer and Burn), but I don’t care for the other line-ups so much.

I am definitely on the Rainbow Rising vote.

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VH1 was unquestionably the most relevant heavy rock album of our generation.

EVH, was from another world at that time.
It still holds up.

Have you ever listened to the Zero demos?
Very cool.

Cactus had some heavy stuff… vinnie appice on drums…awesome. Bag drag…

Maybe. But remember, this is about your favorite, not the one that sold the most copies or influenced the most musicians.