What's Your Favorite Yngwie Composition?

Hmm, I think I love it all lol

The title track from Marching Out is one of my favourites even though its him just soloing over a vamp. Icarus Dream Suite is still his best track though.

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The Rising Force album is the sweet spot for me: Black Star, Far Beyond The Sun, Evil Eye and Icarus are what I listen to most. I’m less fond of the vocals but honestly I think that’s down to the lyrics rather than JSS. They definitely improved later but a lot of those early songs have lyrics fit only for your deadbeat cousin’s shitty garage band. :grin:

“Viking” is also a favourite despite having one of the worst lyrics in the history of hard rock (which is saying something!) - great hooks, big riffage, and the solo is a monster, particularly the opening run.

Fun fact about “Icarus” - the Albinoni cover in the intro isn’t by Albinoni at all: Adagio in G minor - Wikipedia. That bit gets a lot of attention but I think the whole thing is one of YJMs best moments. It’s amazing something like that could be put together by a 21 year old.

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And now, because of this thread, I’m out of my comfort zone and listening to Trilogy, Odyssey and Eclipse. Thank you @Acecrusher :slight_smile:

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Icarus dream suite op. 4 without a doubt

My favourite part is when JSS starts singing “You are a loser” right after the solo ends.

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I can’t believe I’m the first to say Eclipse. Not his flashiest instrumental, but it has an incredibly epic sound, and the main arpeggio and pedal tone sequence is absolutely captivating to me. I feel that it’s got a much more classical sound than his more famous signature tracks, too, but I’m not a music theory whiz by any means. It’s the perfect blend of technique with composition in my opinion, as far as Yngwie goes. I could go on all day about how much I love Eclipse.

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I love eclipse, I cut my three string arps on it’s title track riff, can hardly hear it to be honest the track, the first bit. Totally agree with you. When you try to introduce somebody to Malmsteen it can some times be hard, lots of people know him in a negative way from second hand experiences. There is so much more to his music but it’s often a hard sell, but when they get it it’s a great moment, but I’m not always successful.

A toss up between the Trilogy Suite Op. 5:

And the Icarus Dream Suite Op. 4:

I absolutely love everything through Eclipse, after that, it was more hit or miss for me (my taste changed).

Alcatrazz - every song, but Jet to Jet and Big Foot are my favorite solos, Star Car Lane is my favorite song
Rising Force - Icarus (I don’t care if it’s not his melody, it kills!) Black Star
Marching Out - the sound track to my high school years, I love every song on here
Trilogy - my first Yngwie - Crying, Queen and You don’t remember
Odyssey - overall Yngwie’s peak songwriting and best vocalist. Match made in heaven, too bad it didn’t last. Riot in the Dungeon, Crystal Ball, Dreaming
Eclipse - He actually was ahead of the curve on style (as grunge would throw back to the hippie styles of rose glasses, bell bottoms and 70’s) Devil in Disguise, Making Love, Judas

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No surprises from me - Alcatrazz. The songs have amazing compositional structures and parts. They do sound very different from the songs Yngwie has written since. Can you believe that Yngwie was 19 when he wrote that stuff?

The solos are compositionally outstanding as well. Each one a masterpiece.

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