What's Your Favorite Yngwie Composition?

Yngwie is such a great composer, so far ahead of what people typically think of when they think of rock music. My favorite thing he composed is Black Star because it has a very cool intro, a nice memorable melody, and a great solo. The live at Budokan version shows his stage presence is also as good as there is.

To me all the instrumentals on that album are much better than the songs that have vocals by Jeff Scott Soto because there vocal melody is sometimes awkward sounding(such as As Above So Below) and not up to the same standard as the guitar. I wish Yngwie had used singers more similar to the style Geoff Tate sang in the 80s.


Obviously Black Star is a must, it melted the faces of many people who bought the album without prior psychological training :wink:

I also like a lot evil eye and far beyond the sun. Yeah my choices are very predictable sorry :smiley:

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JSS is the worst 80s Yngwie singer in my opinion. I generally skip all the vocal tracks on Rising Force and Marching Out. Mark Boals and Joe Lynn Turner blew him out of the water. That said Ripper is the only vocalist post 80s that came to the level of those three.

“Far Beyond the Sun”, “Trilogy”, and “Black Star” are my favorite instrumentals.
As for vocal cuts “Queen in Love”, “You Don’t Remember, I’ll Never Forget”, “Island in the Sun”, “Rising Force”, “Hiroshima Mon Amour”, “Deja Vu” and “Crystal Ball”.


Not sure about narrowing down to a single composition, but I find that Trilogy was the Yngwie album that I’ve listend to the most.


Far Beyond The Sun. It’s just so well done and executed. It’s like a primer of what good shred sounds like:

  • Right amount of notes
  • Tasteful phrasing
  • ~V~I~B~R~A~T~O~
  • Accessible yet daunting

My favourite Yngwie instrumental is probably “Perpetual”:

The solo in “Perpetual” is beautiful. As well as the one on the next track, “Dragonfly”. Also, I like his tone and playing on the entire “Fire and Ice” album, it is somewhat more “raw” and I guess more on the “rock” side of things if you will.

Definitely my favourite Yngwie solo from a song is this one:

I think this solo is just a perfect balance between fast and melodic playing, all in Yngwie style.


Same here, but that’s just because I didn’t have a chance to listen to any other albums of him for quite a long time :smiley:

I love Icarus’ Dream Suite Op.4 from Rising Force, Black Star and Far Beyond the Sun in that order.

How do you not like JSS???

The whole “Rising Force” record and if I had to choose another song from the rest of his discography I would choose the song “Fire” from the Trilogy album. That solo is Fire indeed! :grin:

I was always fascinated with the lick which happens at 3:56 of “Fire”. It sounds so un-Yngwie.

Here is Jeff Loomis playing that solo. Incredible stuff! Guitar goals right here.

He sounds really strained in comparison to Boals and Lynn Turner

Different styles… I always thought JSS had a powerful expressive voice. .

Wasn’t sure if I should create another thread… this is beautiful!
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There is so much YJM to love, but the one that I am most likely to crank up is


Yes, it’s a great piece,

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There is so much to discover with Yngwie, I feel people don’t give him enough credit for his compositions and arrangements. But I guess this is true for most geniuses. Sure there’s a lot of derivative work but what isn’t. The most fascinating thing I learned a few months ago was Bach was only known in his local community while he was alive, then entirely forgotten for 250 years, till his music was rediscovered. I think Yngwie will be remembered along with all the greats forever.

So much beauty in all this music, one of my favs.

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I concur! It was the 1st YJM tune I ever heard - mind blown.