When is the next CtC interview coming out?

I’m eagerly waiting to see who will be interviewed next. I was under the impression that there was one new release a month, but there wasn’t anything in January.

Hey! Good question; I’m not entirely sure which we’ll get out next — we have several that are filmed, but still in the queue to get edited, tablaturized, and up on the platform, including Brendon Small, Joe Stump, Olli Soikkeli, and Cesar Garabini.

Currently our biggest focus is making some much needed additions to the Pickslanting Primer. For example this whole new section on Pick Grip we added last month:

We’ve got a lot more in the works along these lines — focused tutorials on important fundamentals — that we’ll be rolling out over the coming months.

Our release schedule has always varied a bit, as some things just take longer than others and it can be hard to predict in advance. But yes, we will have more interviews coming this year (both editing ones we’ve already filmed, and some new ones on the calendar) just can’t say exactly what the cadence will be given all the instructional stuff we want to get finished up too!


Really looking forward to the new tutorial material…when it comes to the interviews my vote is Joe Stump next!


Thanks @Brendan

I’m with you on that my friend.

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Thanks Brendan…exciting stuff! Can’t wait to see everything you guys are working hard on!


Out of interest, has Science of Speed been canned? It’s been quite a while!

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Nope, still on our to do list! A lot more work than a typical interview as we want to take all the research and interviews we did with experts/scientists and synthesize what we learned into some kind of explanatory documentary feature. To be honest we haven’t totally figured out the final form this will take, but definitely something we still plan to do. Sorry we don’t have more detail or a specific timeline for this at the moment!


Me three! I’ve been waiting 6 months for this one. Joe has all the moves, can’t wait to see 'em under the camera.

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