When knowledge becomes understanding

Good day all

I have been struggling to learn how to play since 2015 with various methods from the internet without success. Most of this is my fault as I usually give up after a week and then going back at it a month later then rinse repeat…

Anyway I went back and watched some of the primer videos and after about a week of practice I had a breakthrough and went from a previous PB of 120 BPM to 160 BMP not clean but I have never even come close that except a 1 string tremolo.

My discovery came as I was thinking about what it means to start with speed and oddly enough going back to my early days of golf when I would swing for the fences and all my friends would criticize me and say you need to start by swinging slow and focus on accuracy. Thankfully I never did that but rather would continue to practice close to max speed and accuracy just kind of happened over the years as my positions became repeatable. However that was only possible by swinging with somewhat correct swing and I believe that very thing is true with alt picking. So this weekend I decided to really concentrate on finding a pick grip and angle that would allow me to keep most of my tremolo speed when switching strings and I finally think I am on to something and going to continue for a 2nd week :smile: .

Here is a link of my alt picking Alt pick 160 bpm - YouTube

Thanks if you made it this far lol



Sounds clean to me!

I’ve been playing for over 20 years and I still spend some days just looking at my picking and experimenting with what I can tweak in little ways to improve something, even if it’s marginal. It never ends, but it’s part of the fun / mystery!

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Thanks Pepepicks66, you are bang on it is super fun and at this point I haven’t been this excited to play in a long time

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