Where does DBX live genre-wise?

As I look around for good examples of DBX in songs, there’s certainly a lot of bluegrass, as well as songs that would otherwise be played fingerstyle (i.e. pattern songs), typically on acoustic. The kind of slower/moderate tempo jazz that really spotlights guitar seems to have some DBX going on, too.

Got to admit that I’m not so broad genre-wise, and that’s hampering me a bit here. Where else could I look for tunes with a lot of DBX?

An obvious example in rock is Steve Morse :slight_smile:

Right, should have remembered him from my CTC binge-watching days;) For the kinds of bands he’s been in, is he an outlier? Meaning, are there many others doing that kind of music who are playing it with a lot of DBX?

[…It just occurred to me - hope I didn’t mess up here - that I’m talking about double-escape, not two-way slanting. (I was trying to avoid using the word “crosspicking,” but that matches what I’m after as well.) Did I misappropriate the term? Please don’t ban me!!;)]

Please hand your pick in at the counter and proceed for reprogramming.

Plenty of Bebop melodies (Scrapple from the apple, Anthropology, Shaw-Nuff, Etc) would require crosspicking to be able to play. The jazz idiom has some great DBX players like pat martino and kurt rosenwinkel. Kurts is more subtle because he’s more of a legato kind of player, but the magic of his playing is his ability to switch strings on any stroke.