Where's the Magnet?

Ok. I admit I’m not watching maybe as closely as I should, given my investment. But, where’s the magnet?


It’s going to end up being over a year late

Got it. Thanks! Time goes fast. Is it just one year? I totally understand the production delays, especially these days. Thanks for the link to the update!


We got a note from the designer / factory that recent tests may have succeeded, but we won’t know for sure until we get some more samples, hopefully soon.

Even if they’ve figured out the technical hurdles, we still have the port and trucking slowdowns to contend with. There have been apparently massive delays in manufactured stuff getting into the US and getting around the US on wheels.

We’ll cross that bridge / harbor / highway when we get to it, but I’m just saying, these are weird times and we’re all probably in for even more waiting than we’d like.