Which speakers should I buy?

My brother needs speakers with optical input which are good for games
and movies,thanks to which he will hear all effects
and the sound quality will be lossless.

He wonders what to choose

  • two speakers and a subwoofer

  • five speakers and a subwoofer

Price range no more than 100euro

(…and he is not an audiophile)

At that price, it will be hard to get much quality. Personally, I’d rather get the best 2-speaker setup I could for the money rather than stretch the money over 5 lesser speakers. If he really has his heart set on the “surround” experience and doesn’t need tons of power, maybe he can find a 5 speaker setup that will scratch that itch, but at 100 euro, he shouldn’t expect much from a 5 speaker setup.

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Which are best? :smiley: .

I’d do some research on The Wirecutter, they always have super detailed reviews comparing many options and recommending their top picks:


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Sorry, I don’t know the current market well enough to make any specific suggestions. The site @Brendan posted sounds like a good place to research.