Which straps do you use? (+style advice for me?)

I recently bought my first expensive-for-me guitar and want to add a nice strap to it!
It is neon yellow. It has tiger stripes. It is all 80s and I love it. Which strap would you put on it? Black goes with everything but that seems kinda uninspired. I was thinking, maybe one of Steve Vai’s designs, like the blue universe but I’m not sure how well that blue goes with the screaming yellow. I chopped them together here, other recommendations are very welcome. :slight_smile:

So, which straps do you guys use? Do you prefer leather or synthetic materials and why?

I love original fuzz straps. Best 60s/70s retro and vintage inspired fabrics with great prices and quality. Prefer them above any including souldier/couch/you name it, in my humble opinion.

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I have only three strap concerns:

  • space for the wireless to mount well
  • robust mounting to the guitar (strap locks)
  • high friction to not dive on some guitars

Regarding color, shouldn’t it be keyed to your outfit and not the guitar?

I’m guessing it’s a Charvel Bengal DK, like mine in the pic? I use Dimarzio straplock

Couch Straps have some cool offerings. I have several. They have the seat belt style straps but I find them to be slippery. Other straps are made of up-cycled fabrics like vinyl and other materials found in vintage automobiles. https://www.couchguitarstraps.com/

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I use a fender strap. I bought a 2007 Eric Johnson signature and this strap was in the hard case with the guitar. It feels soft and great. ( in the picture is my new guitar, a combination of 2019 Eric Johnson semi hollow body and a custom SRV style neck)

Yes it is. I see you are a man of culture as well. :slight_smile:
I like the concept of the Dimarzio straplocks, but I could imagine that the matte finish would get easily scratched by the buckles. What is your experience?
And how does the material feel? I guess the slipperiness should matter only for neck heavy instruments, not Strats, am I right?

They look cool indeed! But including shipping to Europe, quite pricey :smiley:


Great choice on the guitar. I loved them when they came out. I was going to get the George Lynch model, but the Fishman’s really scream on this guitar. I love the finish

You have to ensure that the buckles dont smash against the body in the case. I assume you have a Charvel case. I dont find the material to be slippery.

KLIQ AirCell Guitar Strap for… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01I0BGYM8?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

this one, if you want 80s:

Although it’s probably from the 70s


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Hard to go wrong with a basic leather strap in the design below (offered by many vendors). For more money, straps in this basic design are available with padding and/or fancier grades of leather for increased comfort:

There are all kinds of embellished variations on this design as well.

Levy’s seems to have a lot of “fancier” leather straps:

I use Levy’s leather straps, though with a conventional slider adjustment design rather than the woven straps approach. These two:

I bought a earlier version of one of the first straps there years ago when I bought my first seven string and wanted a strap with a bit more grip to keep it from neck diving, and then in the last 5-7 years as Ive been better able to afford them I’ve gradually upgraded all my guitars to one of these. They’re great straps, and it appears pricing has gotten a fair amount more affordable (in the $30-40 less range) since last I looked.