Who are the main DSX players?

Hi all,

Since discovering my fastest technique by far is DSX/upward pickslanting I’ve really been putting a lot of effort into practicing and improving with it.

I’m keen to check out some artists on Spotify that play with a DSX/upward pickslanting technique.

I’m aware of John McLaughlin and Strunz and Farah who are amazing, but can anyone point me in the direction of any other DSX artists?


I don’t know about ‘main’, but Jake Workman is. This whole blazing solo is DSX:

What’s neat about that to me is that he does clever little things to make it not sound like ‘even number of notes per string’ licks

I think Troy was saying somewhere that Bryan Sutton is as well.

I took a few lessons many moons ago with a jazz player named Greg Duncan who, at the time, was blasting through lots of uptempo jazz stuff with all DSX orientation lines.

I should add though, I think any ‘one way slanting’ players would give you what you need as you can play the same material in reverse, eg flip pick strokes, turn any ascending sweeps into descending. You might come up with cool stuff that’s ‘your own’ in this respect, but I understand that’s a little more work.

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