Who claims to pick with the exact mechanic of MABatio? Soon i’ll be one of them


I almost understand it (and I’m not talking about two waypickslanding, which is crystal clear for me thanks to the master explanation of Troy Grady), I’m talking about the muscles he use and the exact position of his hand, his anckle point and the direction of his movement.


I dont know if ive seen anyone else do it exactly like Michael. its kind if unique


He created this amazing technique (I’m just talking about the alternate picking when he shred (although all his technique is amazing)) and he is absolutely unique, but anyone can play exactly like him, we just have to figure it out. I’m sure I’m close, I just want to speed up the process in order to start with another thing.


I’m pretty sure I got it. I’ll post a video in a few min


Lmk if this is helpful!


I haven’t tooled around too much with it. But I do think that’s what’s going on. He also chokes up on the pick. Or has very little sticking out. I think he uses jazz 3s. And I think he has a bit more “pivot” (flextion I think ). And wrist deviation toward the ulnar or the right as I call it. If I had to give a degree number I would say like a 340 degree uwps with relation to the guitar if the netrual point is 0 degrees for a neutral forearm or the middle land of supination and pronation. He is also only using elbow for the pick generating motion. And tracks with shoulder and elbow combined. I think he also does a Martin Miller Esque floating cross pick for his riffs. Take it all with a. Grain of salt but that’s all my thoughts


Very interesting and helpful, the position and the grip looks better like him than mine, but you are using your biceps mostly and he mostly uses flexion and extension of his rist, and his tricep more than his bicep. That’s where I’m trying right now. I’ll put a video when I nail it, but not now, I play classical guitar also if you want to see me. And thanks, I’m looking for examples like yours, because each one can help me in some detail I haven’t get it.


I’m studying in front of a mirror and I’m checking if the middle finger in the ancle point is moving because of flextion an extension of the elbow, and for me he doesn’t do that (in fact he claims that he doesn’t) but also I noticed that his middle finger just tends to move down if at all moves.