Who would you like to see interviewed next by Troy and the team?


I’d like you to an interview and profile the technique of the amazing Jazz and fusion guitarist Adam Rogers


here’s some links of guys i stumbled upon on yt ofer time.
to be clear its not about music or the persons - just the mechnics might be of interest:





I think a guy like Dweezil would be down to do one with Troy. I think he is a huge proponent of technique and unlike the others, he has intentionally changed his picking technique to be able to play some of the difficult Zappa lines. He used to be a strict alternate picker and then spent two years practicing Gambale’s technique to totally transform his playing. It would be nice to garner perspective from a pro who has recognized a shortcoming in his playing and intentionally worked to alter his technique.


Great to see Dweezil getting so much attention here! Highly deserved, monster player!


Favorite new player I discovered last year. He’s more of a hybrid picker, though, for his faster stuff, and frankly the thing I love about his playing is the technique mostly takes a backseat to songwriting, tone, and melody.


Guthrie Govan
Al DiMeola


Carl Verheyen… he is totally into education, and will offer lots of practice insights.


Carl is great, that string skipping wide interval stuff he does is crazy.


What about Mark Lettieri? Dude is one of the best rhythm players I have ever seen, his funk stuff and timing is just amaizng.


Yeah, I was thinking about the wide interval stuff… I have his DVD around somewhere, I’ll try to figure out if he is cross picking that ??


Andy Timmons
Monte Montgomery (that might be fun)
Neil Zaza
Blues Saraceno (not sure if he’s still active)

… hell I’m getting old :sweat_smile:


George Benson would be great! But he is getting old and I don’t know how willing he would be to do an interview. If that wouldn’t work out, a good alternative would be a guitarist by the name of Dan Wilson. His technique is very much like Georges so I think it would be a pretty fruitful interview.

Also, Isaiah Sharkey would be another great interview for that Benson style approach.


I already posted a bunch of suggestions here awhile back, but man, the straight ahead rock shredding of Neil Schon circa Escape! Ferocious and effortless toneful attack. Really would love to see that analyzed!


Ok, here’s one…
John Taylor!
Wait, hear me out! I know you’ve already filmed one, but since filming that I feel a lot has changed. His understanding of picking has hugely increased so I think you could do get a lot more information. Plus, maybe a chance to clear up the Guiness record business. Maybe a live event or something could be fun!
(I swear @milehighshred isn’t paying me for endorsements… I’ll send you the invoice later though! :wink:


Guthrie Govan
Steve Vai

What about Yngwie? I know there is the seminar as I have it, but some raw footage with the magnet and Troy interviewing the man himself would be totally awesome!!

These are on my Wishlist :slight_smile:


I saw Billy Cobham’s Crosswinds Project in Seattle this past weekend and the guitar player Fareed Haque was a total smokeshow. I’d never heard of him before but hot damn that dude could RIP. Whole band was immaculate, of course. But this guy is NO JOKE.


This made me bust up laughing!


Yngwie would be incredible. He’s got such an interesting personality as well as his virtuosic technique and his composing abilities. I realize asking someone who has made it to the top of his profession to spend several hours with you is probably costly, it’s also a lot more likely to get you new subscribers than some of the relatively unknowns listed above. Not only has Yngwie made it to the top of his profession, but he’s the innovator of his genre. Advice from him not just about mechanics but about succeeding in the music industry would be very valuable. That goes for Neil Schon as well, who was also listed.

Lots of guys become good technicians so it would be interesting from some guys who along with being good technicians are great all-around musicians with years of experience performing at or near the top of their profession. What separates the guys who make it big from the guys most people have never heard of? Wouldn’t it be interesting to hear it from them directly as to what things they attribute their success? What do they feel separated them from the musicians who might have been close or possibly equal as far as technical ability but were lacking in some other area which kept them from ever achieving rock star status?

What are the qualities that contribute to one guy succeeding out of the hundreds of competitors who try getting an audition or even those who got an audition but failed to get the lead guitar spot in legendary bands like Judas Priest, KISS, etc? Advice from guys who have gotten those kinds of gigs would be priceless.


Jimi Bell (Ozzy’s #2 choice behind Zack Wylde):


Yngwie would rejoin Steeler before doing something like this. He is not a generous person with his time or his knowledge.