Who would you like to see interviewed next by Troy and the team?


He’d do it for enough money. I don’t know what the typical pay is for a Masters Of Mechanics session though.


I know of a company who offered him $10K + residuals for a tuition project and he turned it down.


Troy Stetina. Yes, the Speed Mechanics guy. I’ve learned more from him than any other teacher and would love to see his magnet footage.


Lil wayne! Lol jk please dont kill me

I would really love to see magnet shots of John Petrucci, Jason Richardson and Jeff Loomis’ DWPS, 2WPS and Crosspicking.

And YouTube guitarists/instructors too like Robert Baker, Steve Tereberry (that’ll be a real treat right there xD), Tom Hess, Joe Stump.

Even some of today’s guitarists are pretty amazing too, like Jacky Vincent from Falling In Reverse and Chris Linck from Attila have pretty sick technique. Would love for some interviews with them in the near future!


Has anyone mentioned Don Mock yet? He has some powerful picking runs in his instructional work and he was a big part of the early days of GIT and was a producer for many of our favourite REH videos. I just checked his website and he’s still teaching in the Seattle area! Might have to try and get a lesson in the near future.


Actually, that WOULD be cool.


I know I’d be interested in a Crosspicking primer mainly. As well as a 2nd interview with Steve Morse now that Troy has figured out Crosspicking Mechanics.

Anything with Hybrid Picking would be great as it is a very foreign motion to me. Focusing on the pick movements that happen with Hybrid picking (are they repeated downstrokes, alternate picking, economy/sweeping?)- pick direction (UWPS/DWPS).


Definitely, a hybrid picking interview would be awesome. Marshall Harrison or maybe a chicken pickin’ great like James Burton.


Might not be practical since he lives in Europe but I’d love to see an interview with Mattias Eklundh.


I think Troy has pretty much covered most Picking technique though his DWPS, UWPS, 2WPS, Economy Picking, and Crosspicking.

An in depth breakdown on Finger Mechanics from classical Guitarists or someone like Tommy Emanuel would be really cool. Hand position- what Finger Joint is causing the Picking motion- are the fingers floating or resting on the string, rests stroke vs free stroke.


PLEASE get Zakk Wylde!! He is one of the fastest pentatonic guys. Would love to get a preak down ofhis technique!


Rusty Cooley is the guitarist we have been waiting the longest for his interview. It was advertised somewhere around two years ago and all we have are a couple little clips. Rusty Colley is yes fastest guitarist CTC ever promised to give us an interview with and he also uses an elbow mechanic which is something the other guitarists interviewed by CTC don’t do. So to understand how Rusty plays as fast and clean as he does and how he is able to use the elbow mechanic cleanly, we really could use an full length interview with him ASAP. We’'ve certainly waited long enough.


Georges Benson would be great, and Nuno Bettencourt too !


Agreed 100% and came to this thread to post the same. I’d love to hear @Troy and Troy discuss various picking techniques and fundamentals together. Both have produced IMHO groundbreaking material on the subject, and both can melt faces.


George and Nuno would be amazing!


Would love to see rusty too! I’m an elbow player too so that would be cool to see how he gets the most out of it.


I watched a couple of those clips of Rusty the other day…
I can’t even fathom somebody playing THAT fast and accurate. He’s absolutely amazing.


Utter lunacy isn’t it?!


Geez…that’s just scary good.

He says it’s a Lydian tonality so it’s obviously not the same, but it sounds like a slightly different take on the Yngwie 6 note lick?


I’ve watched this clip many times and somehow didn’t spot that! It seems to be the same pattern applied to a different mode! Pretty cool