Who would you like to see interviewed next by Troy and the team?


A fan who knew him reached out years ago and I said sure ask him, and I think the word came back he didn’t want to do it. Having read a ittle more about him now I can’t say I’m too surprised - he seems like a super private guy.

I’ve seen some of those clips on YouTube and I never fully understood what was going on there! Was this a school? Or were these basically tunes he was writing and arranging for a guitar orchestra that he assembled? Why is everyone staring off into space?

And yes the technique appears to be more or less the deviation crosspicking stuff we’ve been looking at. Not everyone is doing it the same way, or even doing it right at all - it’s cool to see how everyone might have interpreted whatever it was they were told. But yes it is clear that some attempt was being made to insist upon a certain technique being used, even if the message came across differently. I don’t know if the intervallic string skippy nature of the music was specifically designed for a crosspicking type approach, or that’s just Fripp’s style, or what. Maybe a little of everything.


I was certain that he has actually described his technique that way, so I did a quick search:


“For example, with the right hand we move on to cross-picking.”


I’m going to shout for local hero Steffen Schackinger here! Saw him live a couple of months ago, and for the first time in years I had a “WTF was that?” moment. He does a lot of (scary fast) hybrid picking stuff, so that might bring something to the table,that hasn’t already been covered.


I really would like to see Steffen Kummerer, Andy James


Jimmy Herring
Greg Howe
Tim Miller
Joel Grundal


Joe Satriani would be an interesting guy to interview. He’s got probably the best reputation as a guitar teacher of anyone I know of and he’s taught guys like Steve Vai and Kirk Hammett. I don’t know of other teachers who have had multiple students who went on to achieve that level of success.

Since he has taught, and taught so successfully, it would be interesting to find out what he thinks of what CTC does and what he might have to add to it. I know there have been guys, such as John McLaughlin, who have turned down your request for a Masters Of Mechanics interview because they don’t believe that it’s possible to teach people how to pick the way you have been doing, but Joe Satriani being a teacher would likely be more open minded to CTC .

He’s also someone you could possibly interview who truly is a rock guitar legend. I would think that Satriani would help a lot to attract new subscribers to Masters Of Mechanics since he has so many fans and has reached the level of success he has, as opposed to someone who, no matter how good he is, might be relatively unknown and because of that, have much less ability to attract new subscribers.

Some people might not know why it would matter to them if you get many new subscribers or not, but if that would allow you to hire some people to help with editing and so forth and thereby decrease the amount of time in between something is filmed and when the final product is actually released, then it would have an impact on every single one your current subscribers.

How long has it been since you filmed “The Science Of Speed” with John Taylor (milehighshred) in a university laboratory to learn about the actual science behind playing fast and we’re still waiting to see it???

It would be interesting to find out if having taught so much, if Joe Satriani has made a greater attempt to be more conscious of exactly how he does what he does compared to so many musicians who don’t know how they do what they do and therefore can’t teach it.


Oh really? Is there any link to such info? I’d be interesting to read.


I don’t have a link to it. It wasn’t a whole thread; just one post but I don’t remember which thread it’s in. You could try a search for John McLaughlin. That might work. Anyway it doesn’t go into detail. From what I remember, McLaughlin just didn’t believe that someone could learn to alternate pick based on what CTC was doing or what they wanted to ask him about. Troy may be able to give you more information.


Tommy Emmanuel! One of the best acoustic and electric guitarists around.


Anyone mentioned Jeff Kollman? I find his musical choices and phrasing very enjoyable. It would be interesting to see how he developed his style of playing.


I love Jeff’s playing, he’s one of my all time favourite players. His work with Edwin Dare and his early solo albums are some of the best shred guitar that I have ever heard.


Paul Wardingham
Per Nilsson


Johnny Hiland
Greg Koch


How about Michael Romeo, or Mike Orlando?


Wow, it’s like a who’s who of picking! Love it.

My two cents would be to get Brett Garsed and Frank Gambale.

I don’t know if there’s an interview with Scotty Anderson, irrc I did see a cracking to code vid of him on youtube but that was way before I actually found Troy’s site.

Some of the country pickers are pretty terrifying, Brad Paisley for one.

Lots of players to check out in this list, woohoo!


OMG thanks for reminding me about Steffen Schackinger! I’ve been looking for him for years but totally forgot his name and track names. He’s a fantastic writer too, very refreshing.


One that comes to mind, a master of constructing powerful solos that make a statement, is Neil Giraldo. Go back and listen to Hit Me With Your Best Shot. Lyrical, melodic, powerful.


Probably already mentioned, and my opinion on the matter of the interviews changes every day but… I want to know if Michael Romeo is actually playing the guitar or just miming the motions while its plays itself? He’s not tapping this time around so he could actually be tricking us. :grin: I know you have to be very light in touch when you play fairly floppy gauges (10-46 in D standard on a 25.5" scale guitar) but still… I don’t know if he’s actually playing the damn thing! :sweat_smile:

On the Young Guitar video “Guitar Chapter”, he also seems to navigate through string-skipping licks as if the strings are not in the way… or not on the guitar at all, to be honest.


His touch must be super light. I have seen him play descending arpeggios with all hammer ons and he would do normal ascending sweeping. If you didn’t see it you wouldn’t know the difference.


Frank Gambale is coming very soon I believe.