Who would you like to see interviewed next by Troy and the team?


I’m going to try to dissect that lick a little more when I get a little time.
Thankfully it’s in slo-mo otherwise I wouldn’t have a chance in hell of breaking that down. Lol


James Hetfield – The world needs to know the exact mechanics of his downpicking prowess. Just that alone would be worth an entire 3-hour interview.

Corey Beaulieu from Trivium – probably one of the best metal players on the current scene. He and Matt Heafy are not only well-versed in downpicked, thrash rhythms but also super-fast shredding lines.

Mark Tremonti – another downpicking beast and metal shredder. He’s a monster player and one of the best modern guitar players.

Andy James – one of the best players today, period. His sheer speed is something to behold.

John Petrucci – my personal holy grail of interviews. The man can play damn near anything. His picking technique is damn near supernatural, IMHO.

Paul Gilbert – another personal favorite, if not my absolute favorite guitar player of all time. Incredibly skilled player with an unabashed love of pop music and catchy hooks. His picking technique needs to be analyzed down to the molecule.


Pasquale Grasso
Sylvain Luc
tommy Emmanuel


Vito Bratta-isn’t he a New Yorker?