Why is - guitarbackingtrack.com - no longer available?

Hi guys,

Hope someone can help me:

My favorite site for backing tracks is no longer available; for weeks now! =(

Most of you should know the site for sure. It was a open community with the largest collection of free guitar backing tracks. Really great stuff.

Maybe 6 weeks ago I checked the site and it said: “Server not found.”

Looks like it was shut down. But why?!
Even with the google search I can’t find any trace of it. Just like it’s been eradicated.
Some music industry license mumbo-jumbo again?

Isn’t there some web register where I can look up the status of the server and maybe the reasons for a shutdown? Or a history library?

Happy to hear any ideas from you.
Hope we can unravel the mystery.

Never used it, but YouTube has a ton, I wouldn’t be surprised if you could find similar tracks there.

I’ve also found some backing tracks on Spotify. Here’s a pretty big playlist.


Thanks for your suggestions.

I think the webmaster has taken down the site for financial reasons.
At least I could contact him through waybackmachine where I could still find the page.

Surprises me that so few people knew about the plattform.

If you’re interested:


such a pitty the site was taken down? but hey, thanks for the archive version :slightly_smiling_face: