Why is this picking working? Is it working?

My picking pattern here is weird and I’m not really sure why it’s working. am I string hopping?

I can tap this easier than pick it but I CAN pick it pretty fast now. Almost to tempo.

slow version sounds like I’m swinging or skipping. Maybe this is just the pitch shifting??? does it sound to you like I’m skipping in the regular speed version? It doesn’t to me.

tornado of souls - megadeth.



I think this looks good! Seems like a solid Downstroke-escape wrist motion.

The way you are playing this lick, because of the pulloff on the high E, you have no option but to do occasional repeated downstrokes, so it’s normal that in those cases you do a sort of circular path to go back to the next downstroke. It may look “hoppy” but it’s just the way repeated downstrokes work - if you didn’t trace a little circle you would hit the string on your way back to the B string.

Just for reference, I think Marty plays this with a mini-sweep and upstroke escape: something like
D - D - U - pulloff

Edit: next suggestion would be to consolidate your downstroke-escape motion by practicing a variety of musical pieces that fit this picking style.


Check out these cool examples from Paul Gilbert, they should fit perfectly your picking style :slight_smile:

Great! Yes, exactly - it was that pull off double down stroke it had me thinking I was doing myself a disservice. After watching the pickslanting primer, I quickly realized I’ve been upslanting for over a decade.
downslanting is terribly uncomfortable. Learning some of Marty stuff has been interesting for that reason. Some of it I can flip it and just start on the opposite pickstroke as him and the lick is fine but some of them don’t work like that.

Anyway, thank you. Good to know I’m on the right track.