Wolfgang Van Halen re: well-meaning fans

Is it frustrating that you have to keep dealing with the squabbling?
Beyond that, it’s emotionally difficult for me to hear about it every day. But that’s the position I’m in unfortunately, and there’s nothing I can do about it. I think Zelda Williams, Robin’s daughter, put it in such a beautiful way — on one of the anniversaries of his passing, she said that even a truckload of roses weighs a ton.

I understand that it’s all rooted in positivity, but it gets very jarring, and it wears you out. I can’t go online or do anything without somebody reminding me “Hey, knock, knock, your dad’s dead. Do you miss him?” I feel like unless you’re in this position, nobody really understands it. You can empathize with it, but it’s very tough to relate to.

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I can totally understand that. Hopefully it fades away over time. Tho ofcourse one reason its painful is because he acually had a good dad. So theres some positivity there.

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There are things in life that you probably never leave behind and rather just learn to live with them. I can only imagine the emotional load of being in that situation.

Saw Mammoth WVH a couple months back and Wolf seems like a real kind soul. Awesome musician.

His tribute to his dad is a tearjerker