Workout sessions


So I hit my year goal of wanting to play 3NPS alternate picking 16th notes at 180bpm. 190bpm was a pleasant surprise, but HOLY SMOKES has cracking 200bpm been a hard process.

Haven’t been on here much lately, just wanted to check in and say things have been going great. I’ve had a lot of success breaking my practice up into concrete time frames and working on small portions of the overall whole.

Even if it doesn’t translate in one day, it’s amazing how all of a sudden going back to something I haven’t played in a couple months is all of a sudden so much easier. Can never tell exactly how a certain technique will translate somewhere else.

I’m really pushing it at 200bpm, I can play faster but I switch to economy. I don’t want to put any limits on myself but I think 200bpm may be my max for strict alternate picking in that medium. Then again… I said that about 7 months ago for 180bpm and now that feels like I have alllll the time in the world.

Guitar and it’s technical practice is so fascinating. The journey continues. Hope everyone has a safe, happy holidays.