Wrist and arm tension from italy

Hello everyone I am Daniel and I come from Italy
I am here because I need some help, my alternate picking as always been a pain in the ass for me.
I will show you and describe the problems I have everytime I need to play different patterns with this technique.

This is the way I prefer to pick, I feel very relaxed and I am able to play for really long time without problems or tension in my wrist and arm. The problem for me is this picking technique doesn’t work at all with odd number of notes per string, whenever I start with a downstroke and I have to play with an upstroke on the next string I obviously get stuck between the strings, even a normal three notes per string major scale is a problem for me when I use this technique

In this video I show you how I am trying to improve and use another technique

The big problem for me right now is this technique cause me a lot of tension (especially on the ulnar side of my wrist) and is way more difficult for me. I am trying to apply the 902 escape motion but I feel this very unnatural for my wrist and elbow.
I hope you guys are able to help me because after a lot of years of playing I feel so stressed about this issue.

Thank you everyone and sorry for my english :slight_smile:

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Can’t tell too well from the angle, but if it’s causing ulnar tension, my guess is that your wrist is deviated towards the radius and causing the flexors on the ulnar side to be stretched a little more than you’re used to? A test / fix would be to bring your forearm more in line with the strings to see if that alleviates things. All that being said, again, on a hunch lol. A front angle would be helpful here I think.

I will make another video from another angle so I will show you better my wrist and my arm. I think is like you said, I will try to bring my forearm more in line with the strings. Another problem is I am not really confident with this type of picking.