Wrist motion and pick grip

So my default grip is extended trigger grip (maybe sometimes angle pad. I sometimes have a hard time telling the difference between the two). My question is: does this grip work the same way as trigger grip when you do wrist motion? By that I mean, does it work with the two contact points, lighly supinated arm position?

Overall I’m a bit confused regarding the relationship between the grip and the form.

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Anyone who’s got any input on this?

I feel like the more extended your fingers are, (holding the pick) the more supinated your arm will be…meaning your likely moving your wrist more towards the 12 to 6 plane (as opposed to the 3 to 9 plane). That is, if I understand this stuff right.

Yeah that’s what I’m thinking too but then I look at Eric Johnson. He seems to have a similar form to Troy in USX motion chapter but Eric has more of a extended grip while Troy has a trigger grip. I don’t get how Eric can have such low degree of supination and still have that grip.