Wrist Motion Practice

So after doing some reading through the forum and research, I think I have a better idea of what Im doing. But I can’t fully put my finger on it. Once I figure out how to take a good Iphone video and get the right angle, I will definitely post it to the forum. I think in my lick repertoires, I am mostly a downward pick escaper with a pronated hand grip. However, on runs between strings, I generally lean towards inside picking and economy. For instance, E minor pentatonic going up the neck on the D and G strings; right now what’s most comfortable for me is starting on upstroke and then inside picking with a downstroke onto the G string. However, lets say Im playing A minor pentatonic starting on the low E and going across all 6 strings with a 3NPS pattern, I favor economy starting on a downstroke. Outside picking is very hard for me I will say. With all this being said, what camp does this leave me in?

My next question is, if I do think I show some signs of double wrist escape motions, how do I practice that more? I’ve never intentionally tried to practice fine tuning my wrist motions and would like to try some things in the camp of Andy Wood and Molly Tuttle. Where would I begin with this after watching this video?

I mentioned Molly Tuttle because I do think I favor pronation ultimately. Thanks for your time everyone.

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Hey, definitely feel free to share some video for feedback any time!

That video you linked is part of the Pickslanting Primer, and we generally suggest starting there for more detail. That’s from the “wrist motion” section, but there are other grips and motions you can experiment with too; it can be worth experimenting with several.

If the double escape wrist motion feels like a good fit and you want to try more in that style, the wrist motion stuff in the Primer is our best tutorial on how the motion works, and the interviews we have of the players you mentioned (and many others) can be a good source of musical stuff to practice. And/or whatever musical stuff you’re into!

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