Yngwie 5 and 6 String Arpeggios Descending

What Yngwie Songs have 5 & 6 String Arpeggios the descend all the way?
Far Beyond the Sun - Is one example, although he ascends then descends a different Arpeggio.
I want to build a list.

I am not in a place where I can search but I am sure quite a few from MAB have 5 and 6 string sweeps.

Edit: sorry! I misread/speed-read and didn’t realize you were looking for yngwie tunes. At least I’ll get notifications on this post since it’s interesting. Based on what we know about Yngwie’s technique, descending sweeps don’t workout very nicely on 4/5 strings. Looking forward to examples where he proves there is a way!

I don’t know if he does straight up and down in a single arpeggio in a single position on 5 or 6 strings. It may not sound very interesting to him. He does sweep ascending on more than 3 strings often. Deciples of hell, arpeggios from hell etc… but I’m not sure I have ever seen him do just straight back and forth. Take that worth what ever it is because I can’t say I’m the biggest Yngwie fanatic either, so I’m sure there are other more knowledgeable about his catalog.

He’s definitely done it in more recent years. I have his TrueFire lesson and there are some examples of this in at least one of the tunes he plays on there.

From what it looks like (I wish I could paste the video on here but its not on youtube or anything), he kind of tries to “sweep up” without changing his pickslant (I’m not confusing this with escape motion as he does actually have a downward pickslant to his form) and it looks like he negates any serious garage spiking that would result by kind of grazing the pick over the top of the string, just enough to get the note to ring out.

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