Yngwie - Caprici Di Diablo opening lick

Does anyone know how Yngwie picks the opening pedalling sequence from Caprici Di Diablo?

It really has me stumped. We know that Yngwie is a DWPS, except when sweeping I guess. This phrase has a single note on the e string. I last 17 on the b string could be swiped through the e string, ready for the upstroke on the e string again. However, is this how Yngwie plays it?


When Yngwie has 1 note on a higher string he uses the upstroke. He probably does a hammer on the 4th note so he doesn’t change the pickslant.

Some other fun non-Yngwie options:

DUDU (2WPS - inside)
UDUD (2WPS - outside)
mDUD (Hybrid)

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I agree those are all options to get around the problem, just none of them seem to be consistent with how he normally plays, from what I’ve seen. I could see Paul Gilbert writing a lick like this, but it surprised me that Yngwie did.

With UDUD, he must be changing his pick slant. With UDU(h), its not really alternate picking, plus doing an U on the b string, followed by another U on the e string at 160bpm 16th notes (even with the hammer-on in between) doesn’t seem like something he would do.

Not an expert, but I’ve found as others have said in other threads 1 note per string sections are mostly annoying and don’t fit any scheme neatly, best to prepare yourself for inside and outside picking. They turn up all the time!

Most probably UDUD. Yngwie sometimes uses double escape when playing pentatonic lines. It’s not that he 100% of the time follows USX by the book.

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UDUD with a cross-pick wrist extension motion on the last downstroke to get back in position for the upstrokes on the E string. Most rock players would use DUDU with inside picking.

No major change to slant, just using more wrist on that last down. He has some a number of other pedal-tone ideas requiring the same move. It’s referred to as the Lone Note Exception in the Neoclassical Speed Strategies book by Chris Brooks.

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