Yngwie Dark Ages solo cover

A bit sloppy at times, one bend a bit out of pitch and really loud guitar. :joy:
But over all I’m happy with it. :sweat_smile:


Awesome, man! Sounds great! Really well played - definitely one of my favourite Malmsteen tracks!

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i think with a bit of spring reverb that wouldve sounded really nice sounded like you were in a trapped in a tin can. actually it mightve been my laptop speakers listening again on my headphones. :sweat_smile:

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Thank you so much! :smiley:

I usually record without effects when I’m doing solos for an album/song and often forget to turn them on when doing videos. :sweat_smile:
My preferred effect is just a delay.

PS: sitting in a small room and just using the phone to film doesn’t help the sound. :joy:

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Actually - I personally liked how it sounded; raw, unaltered and real. Pretty cool, man! Again, well done!

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Thank you! :smiley:
Makes me glad to hear.

Thats some great playing there. Love your vibrato, I need to work on mine, need to slow it down instead of the wiggle I have.

Can you tell me about that guitar your playing? Is is a custom build? What gauge of strings and how have you set it up? Did your setup evolve? How are you liking the scallops? etc…
Thanks :slight_smile:

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yep love this too! great playing - really nice on the descending 4’s as well.

Also wondering if you could tell us how you are playing the opening lick in the video below?

Is it all on the one string with a slide for the 4th note? It’s great!


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You got it right, it’s one string and I slide back and forth with the index finger. :+1:

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Thank you! :smiley: :pray:
Since vibratos has pitch and rhythm you can practice them to a metronome. Eighths, triplets and sixteenths. Just find a pitch and the rythm that suits you and the song.

The guitar is custom made 24" mensur, mahogany body, stainless steel frets, 008-42 strings.
In the bridge I got a Seymour Duncan “lill screaming demon” and in the neck position a SD classic stack for strat. I’ve played scalloped for just about 30 years so I love it.
The idea of a shorter guitar came when I tried my daughters guitar with 22,5" mensur and I was so much more relaxed when I played that. I got small hands. :wink:

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