Yngwie lick - can you transcribe it?

Hi everyone. So I am trying to learn one of the turnaround runs from Yngwie’s solo in Too Young to Die, Too Drunk to Live
(2.32mins to 2.35)

One of the problems is I cannot work out the notes!
I have read many many many transcriptions and I think they might be incorrect.

The first part is usually transcribed like this

But I think the notes are:

Slow down to 25% and you can hear he doesn’t play one of the notes from the original transcription.

And then the second part is some kind of variation on it.

I think it is this:


Can anyone at least confirm the notes for me? Does anyone actually know what he plays and on what strings?
Be keen to read peoples opinions!


i am listening now. make sure to use a quality program. music speed changer or transcribe!. it is easier to hear the actual pick sound with these programs so you can spot the hammer on and pull off blended runs.

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my advice to you is to take it one second at a time. make sure to listen relaxed and patiently. let the pick attack sound come to you dont force it. if you arent in a relaxed environment wait until you can be free of distraction and anxiety. 12 nps and higher is fast take it one second or even in half seconds.

this is probably what he is trying to do


play the first 3 notes on the b string. easier way on picking hand more confusion on fretting hand. really depends on what he does after this if he sticks on this string. i would look at cesario filho for guidance if you desire someone with the most amount of experience in copying yngwie note for note.

-17-19-21-19-17-16-19-17-14-16-17-16-14-12-14-16- repeat

in the end its probably the two string method cause i hear pick blending.

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This seems to be a “circular fours” pattern. On the Alcatrazz record he seems to vary somewhat on how he achieves these. There’s a chapter dedicated to this in the Volcano seminar where Troy demonstrates a Yngwie system compliant way of doing these. As such, I tend to use that method in Alcatrazz songs whenever circular fours comes up. Worth checking out! :slight_smile:

agree - that is likely what was intended - but the dropped note (–17–) makes the lick very unusual and difficult to play. And thanks for the tips on transcribing - I am trying to break it down as you suggest to capture. It is incredibly fast in real time!
I looked at the 1 string example and find in some ways that is easier to play but agree with you he likely does it on the B and E string. I did check out the amazing cesario but there isn’t a cover of this one.

yep agree - he sure does vary them- wonder what the thought process was as he is blazing through them!

thanks for answers! Of course once transcribed I have to then try and play the thing !! lol :joy:

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cesario plays it live look up his complete album cover of the alcatrazz album.


I couldn’t tell ya what strings he plays each note on, but here’s my best pass at getting the pitches and um “rhythms”

obviously, the timing is loose, with roughly 10 or 11 notes per bar of 6/8

If you go to the gear on the bottom right you can turn on tablature, but I tabbed it with most of the notes on one string just for simplicities sake.

There would of course be a lot of different ways to play this.

Hope that’s helpful


That looked accurate enough for me!
That floating phrasing is what makes it sound so good, even though it is easier to get with your ears than the notation, at least for me hehe.


@bradejensen You’re right - thanks! Missed that when I was looking

Can I just say thanks @JakeEstner for the effort in transcribing this - enormously helpful!
The interesting thing about the where you placed the notes is that if I play it this way - even using hammer ons - the phrasing sounds the most like Yngwie! I have never seen it transcribed this way - 2 notes on the B and then onto the E. But when I play it - even at slow temp the phrasing starts to come together.
Totally agree about with @Hadalpelagiclife about the phrasing making it sound good. The more I learn about early Yngwie, the more I realise how much of the “sound” of these Alcatrazz solos is not just whether he picks or hammers, but how he phrases.

Thanks again - will spend some more time analysing what you have come up with!

you’re welcome! I enjoy a transcription challenge

That is interesting - especially because, and I want to really emphasize this, the note locations in TAB where more or less completely random; I was just trying to show the pitches. But if it works, it works!


I think it was really helping me with the phrasing - and I was using hammerons to play it.

I have now gone back to the more original placement to get the picking occurring again and it is starting to sound ok. This is my current working transcription and placement:




I’m trying to record something to put up and show how it is going - am probably currently playing it at only 75% of Yngwies speed lol

thanks for reply!

hey 75% is really great dude. you gotta learn it first anyways before you can truly run with it! you got to realize yngwie plays everyday, his whole life! :slight_smile: heck i saw him in 2019 play live… :stuck_out_tongue:

i think the hardest part about the 2 string sequence stuff is figuring out what works in terms of economy picking because each individual has his own strengths and weaknesses with different picking genetics.

and cesario filho is playing the odyssey album live streamed today! dont miss it! :slight_smile:

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Thanks @bradejensen ! yes he is amazing - deservedly gets a lot of attention around this forum!

Exactly correct! One of my challenges with this type of lick is that I am an alternate picker. Economy picking doesn’t really suit me - I have an unusual picking mechanic. So I need to make this sound like Yngwie without economy sweeping to the second string. The other thing I am working on is accuracy and sync - if you listen to this slowed down Yngwie is so clean and precise with the notes. So there are a few challenges with this. And then the speed! :rofl:

I am working on a video to try and show the lick - so we can all analyse the notes in the transcriptions. I’ll try and make it a bit cleaner before I put it up.

He is very very good

thanks for reply!