Yngwie Malmsteen commercial from the 80's

I did a quick search of the forum and I didn’t see this posted before. Sorry if I missed it.

I like the beginning in this “Yngwie commercial” where his fingers are moving all over the place (but in a small area) and it sounds real stormy and dense.


That sweep he does is also great. Really pops. He had so much finesse.

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It’s interesting how if you start a thread you can make multiple posts in a row but otherwise you need to wait till someone else posts to then post again. These forum things.

I like this line that follows in video below… is it 4 notes that start it? I think those are the best 4 notes I’ve ever heard in shred, and they aren’t even played fast. It’s just such a statement of alarm and purpose. Especially coming a little after that hopeless sounding part here. It sounds a little sad and honest and like there is a truth there no matter how it plays out.


And what is also interesting to me here is that I believe this commercial was 1986 - and his playing (and tone) in it sounds more like the Steeler and Alcatrazz playing - to me anyway!

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This C note (I think) that he emphasizes in the middle of the speediness before he really takes off - at almost 2:05, about a 1/2 second after video starts from the 2:05 link, for some reason - sound wise - in this track reminds me of the first second or so of Godzilla 's roar from the old Godzilla movies. Especially if considered within context listening before that note is played and after. Or maybe I just have a hearing problem lol.

I like this video here, especially this particular part where at the end he finishes with guitar against table. It sounds even better or more funny in the context of the way it is edited with the little intermissions in between each part of where he plays


I’ve always liked this track from the REH instruction video.

Especially the screaming bend at :13, the part at :23, the part at :31 where he takes off but abrubtly stops, the octave he plays at :40, the little part around :58, the descending thing at 1:23 and the vibrato at 1:31 and 1:36.

I also like the screaming bend he does here on this track.

I remember after I first heard Yngwie in around 1987 or so, the first album that I bought and listened to was Marching out. I recall reading that Yngwie doesn’t like it but I think it is one of his best albums. Anyway, at that time, I was just checking out the tracks, and I was listening to this track and I was struck not just by the speed of the trills in it, but how sensitvely played and sometimes subtly varied they were each time. That and some of the vibrato in Crying from Trilogy made me a fan. And of course the live solos from concerts like Summerfest lol.

The guitar at the end of course is nice, and I like that speed rush he does at around 2:44.

Anyway, peace out.

I remember the first time I heard of or learned about Troy Grady, the owner of this site and program. This was in the context of reading about Yngwie. I think I stumbled onto a blog/site of his that he had at that time maybe like 15 or 20 years ago or so. I think at one point the title of the blog or site which perhaps alternated stated, in an eminem refrain, I’m troy grady yes the real troy grady all the other troy gradies are just imitating so won’t the real troy grady please stand up, please stand up, please stand up, please stand up. Maybe it didn’t include the full lyric but you get the idea.

Anyway, I recall I ran into an article of his about Yngwie’s right hand/overall technique.

It was this article: https://troygrady.com/2005/02/04/yngwie-malmsteen-now-your-ships-are-burned/

And i came away very impressed by it. It was very well written and I really like how he decscribed Yngwie’s playing in this way…

And if I’m not mistaken, i recall reading at that time he had done like a phd dissertation on Yngwie’s right hand technique. Or something like that.

So then I saw thiis video…

And I thought it was pretty good. It had the phrasing and the multitexturalism. I was surprised.

The I saw the MAB-ish stuff:

So he obviously walks the talk. And frets the frets.

Anyway, then he disappeared for years after initially stating that he could reveal all (as i recall).

It was a long time. Then the videos came, and I remember the Yngwie one …there were a few… including the one where the downward pickslanting was described… I guess known as upstroke escape now… with the emphasis on escape… and I was surprised. And then of course the whole asymmetrical technique was laid out that of course included sweeping and changing strings after upstrokes and including pull offs so escapes were possilbe. Very entertaining and educational videos that I think anyone that was obsessed with guitar, even if you didn’t try to slow down licks, could relate to.

Anyway, just some recollections.