Yngwie Malmsteen Queen In Love solo

Worked on this the past couple weeks - only gripe I have is my bends are choking out on the high frets and I think this guitar needs a set up, but felt like I got this down pretty quickly. Tempted to worth through all of Trilogy since it’s my favorite album of his


@Twangsta curious if this is one you’ve covered before

Sounds like have all the bits and bobs in place, just refine it all. Yeah that guitar needs a setup if it’s fretting out. I haven’t tried this track. Been fooling with fire and ice album, but not too much playing these days, work has kicked into high gear. I’m at at funny road about putting more into work, it’s a weird place to be for me putting guitar notches down on my priority list, it sucks but I gotta grow up lol, or so I tell myself.


I feel that, I’ve been super busy with work the last few months but enjoying it, lots of good projects. I think you mentioned you’re also in software, but sometimes I feel drawn into what I’m working on, sometimes it’s just knocking out a lot of small things I know how to do already. Before long, I’ll be all in on the guitar grind again.

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You are blessed brother. I love coding but it’s been hard to get good projects lately, my cup is half full since the crypto crash. With the guitar, I had the feeling today I should be playing country music again, hard left turn I know :laughing:

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Great job man, you really nail that kind of soaring rhythmic feel and those slow bends that are missing from many Yngwie covers. TBH I never would have guessed that’s not a real amp, great sound.