Yngwie Malmsteen Rising Force Track Final Run

Hi all,

I’ve often wondered what picking YJM would use for the final run in the Rising Force track (from the Odyssey album) so I’ve added what I think the picking would be to the transcription for comment (see below). I’ve done this based on what I’ve learnt from the CtC “Inside the Volcano” material.

I’ve tried to verify if I’ve got it right by watching various live versions. One live version example is here at 4:03:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k3u3Kaveh0g but it’s not easy to see what is going on.

Has anyone else worked this one out?


Live it could be anything, and the record is doubled with keyboards. But it sounds like there might be some legato on the top string, as in this lick:

In general, I wouldn’t worry too much about what specifically Yngwie is doing. What’s most important is understanding the concept of why it would be organized a particular way. And it sounds like you have that part down because your all-picking version would certainly work.

Why not take this concept of two string odd numbered note groupings and sliding and writing your own phrase. Maybe some other tonality that’s not minor. And maybe even something sort of arpeggiated. Lots of ways to go here. The things we look at are really just starting points.

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Ok I’ve spent a bit more time on this including listening to the studio version on youtube at 1/2 speed and I got some of the notes wrong.

This is what I believe is the correct version and more like they way he may have played it after reviewing the link Troy provided above: