Yngwie Malmsteen - Trilogy Suite Op 5 - 4k - 60 fps

Maybe this will help somebody here.
4K @60 frames per second, helps with playback at slower speeds.
Fixed the audio video sync issue the original had.

I’m working on getting the alcatrazz live improved as well.


Wow, looks incredible! Great job :smiley:

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That’s so much more clear! Cheers for that!

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Video got blocked by Malmsteen it seems? :frowning:

Yeah, got a strike, had to do their copyright school to not have the strike permanent!

I had alcatrazz ready as well :frowning:

Mh, might vimeo be an alternative?

That’s not a bad idea, I’ll look into other alternatives as well.

It’ll take me a month to get this sorted out, need to get another external drive or something, running out of space on my mbp. This stuff takes up massive amounts of space, and takes days to render as well.

Were you playing along with the original track? I could see maybe that getting you flagged, but if it was a backing track, especially an original backing track you’d made, that would surprise me…

It’s mostly that Yngwie Malmsteen and his management are particularly litigious when it comes to copyright strikes… even if it wouldn’t necessarily hold under actual legal scrutiny. Reminder that claims and strikes aren’t the same thing: claims get your video money, strikes get your channel.

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Sorry bro, missed this, haven’t been around much. I wasn’t playing along, it was just the original upscaled, properly synced audio & video and better audio. I also did write all claims go to rights owners. Kinda reminds me why I despise mindless human sheep. I’d probably have more luck if I approached his management to provide this upscale, restoration process for free so that it can be up there!

Interesting, I’ve read his autobiography and the biography he tried to counter. I can empathise with him to an extent, he was ripped off most of his career like many artists of the day. But I think his new management under the helm of his current wife is just bizarre. It’s like she’s resigned him to be a has been not allowing a proper band or singer for potential even better production and writing. This sixstring tv guy is on point.