Yngwie Mlamsteen's new MXR Pedal

At Yngwie’s latest live show, a sneak of his new distortion pedal which is MXR Yngwie Malmsteen Signature!

Also confirming that the Fuzz pedal is just for the looks :smiley:


Yessss and it will be mine when they one day release it! hahaha


“I like the way it looks, it looks like a landmine” - Yngwie “I don’t like donuts” Malmsteen on why he has a fuzz face he doesn’t use, 2012

So the MXR is just his tired and true DOD 250 to his spec?


Yep, I bet it is! lol

it’s just weird that he has moved away from Fender and DOD. I know he has been using MXR Compressor but still.

Never the less, another cool pedal too look for

I have an Axe FX3 and don’t understand pedalboards, but it seems like the pedals are always on and the ES-8 connects them appropriately with eight presets?

So most pedals are set one way and are like that for the entire show?

The ES8 routs each pedal into it individually and then you can select any combo of the pedals that are on and select them. It’s like the analog physical version of a modeler effects rig.

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Maybe, maybe not. The fender YJM was more of a voodoo labs overdrive derivative than a straight 250 clone, although the voodoo labs od was a late 90’s reinvention of the dist+/250/ross OD designs in the first place so…

Yes. It’s just controlling switching and placement aspect of it

Not exactly. The ES8 itself has at the very least a digital brain, so not really the analog version of anything by strict definition, and the biggest difference is that it cannot store presets in the form of the actual pedal settings and parameters like a digital/modeler fx rig can, it can only store switching and switching order as a preset - what is in, is out and where everything is in the chain.


I was thinking that this is probably OK because I assume it will send a MIDI event about the switch being pressed and the few pedals that can understand MIDI might be able to pick it up and switch to their own preset… but if not, I assume a laptop computer could see the switch being pressed and then configure each pedal appropriately. I’m not really familiar with pedals but some seem to be very DSP-heavy and likely can be configured with MIDI.

Anyway, I suspect that some pedals will sound much better than generic pedals in a modeling device, so perhaps the ES-8 type of solution is the “gold standard.”

My buddy has one and its a really neat piece of kit if you have a pretty decent collection of pedals. Boss modelers are nice cause often they 1:1 their physical pedals. Slow Gears are like half a grand used and one of the most coveted Boss vintage effects (basically an auto wah but for volume) but they’ve been perfectly created in most boss modelers for quite some times which guitarists like Anders Nystrom of Katatonia have utilized to great effect for that ethereal almost synthesizer sound on leads. I still think for the touring gigging musician nothing beats Fractal and such devices at the moment.

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I think so, particularly if one is in a cover band playing along with a click track… the laptop could switch every single effect/amp as needed! (I’m not sure if anybody does this, but it would seem like a great idea.)

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Hopefully the MXR pedal is more quiet than the Fender Malmsteen pedal - mine has a lot of noise.

would you have an example of his leads with the slow gear? I am not familiar with their music at all.