Yngwie’s “General Hospital” Solo Transcription

Great runs to learn in this one and it was a real delight working on some of Yngwie’s pentatonic ideas :smiley:

The only thing that I’m not 100% on is how he picks the sequenced arpeggio in the 15th and 16th measure, so if anyone has any ideas it would be greatly appreciated. My thought process was that he would probably try to pick it with the same approach he uses for his normal arpeggios :man_shrugging:


Also, I struggled to notate the tapped part clearly

He starts with a tap into a whole step bend on the 14th fret and holds the bend there while adding the different tapped notes until the last tap where he releases the bend, think EVH style :slight_smile:

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nice job again Jacklr. Sorry can’t provide much help on the 15th and 16th measure part.

Just as an aside adding proof to how extraordinarily difficult this Alcatrazz stuff is to play cleanly - when you watch youtube videos covers, notice how almost everybody plays along with the recorded version (as opposed to playing it unaccompanied or with a backing track)!

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this looks and sounds great to me! thank you.

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Thanks guys! Planning to do the whole album and then potentially go back to some of his Steeler stuff :slight_smile: