Yngwie style one string alternate picked critique

I’ve been working on incorporating using 3 plus notes on one string like something Yngwie would do instead of the 2 note per string pentatonic thing and it seems to be coming along. A couple of things that have been a bit of a head scratcher to me is it seems like it’s easier for me to play faster like what’s in the video over mid tempo settings. The video is at about 160 BPM and feels pretty comfortable. Now If I where to do the same lick at 130 BPM I fall apart? :confused: Also I’ve brought this up before, but to me it looks like my pick is upward slanted when all along I always thought I was a downward pick slanter. Is that going to screw me up trying to learn EJ or Yngwie type passages? Thanks for the feedback

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“Middle” sort of speeds perhaps present an additional synchronisation challenge over “fast” sort of speeds as there is a greater window for error, if that makes any sense. Plus it’s easier to hear what errors there are. Plus the motion that works for you at “fast” might not be applicable at “medium”, or at least not without specifically working on it with that in mind.


Yeah that makes sense. Learning my left and right hand syncopation on one string seems to be helping with ironing out a lot of kinks with bad habits and ticks I’ve picked up thru the years. The latest one I just discovered is when I’m in “fast” mode in my mind, I’ll do a double picked downstroke at the end of a 3,4,6 lick, so if I’m trying to play things that require me to switch strings on a upstroke, you guessed it! I get caught up and trip over everything. :unamused: