Yngwie-style performance


Hey guys! Wanted to share this YJM style performance I did for Guitar Interactive Magazine, from a YJM style-file (“Tech Session”) they asked me to do.

Being a CTC fan, I decided I’d try and do it using the YJM DWPS system. Not easy, considering I’m more of a 2-way Jimmy Bruno/Gambale kind of guy - the pickslant going against the direction of travel during those descending licks felt very strange!

As if that wasn’t enough, I’d practised it all on my PRS at home, only to turn up to the studio to find Yngwie’s ACTUAL GEAR (yes, the Strat and the Marshall used to belong to him!) waiting there for me to use! It was an incredible honour, but so intimidating - not to mention how weird the scalloped frets and crazy high action felt. It was like playing guitar on “expert”.

Anyway, here it is - be kind!


Nice job and playing! You had a nice Yngwie vibe going on and a nice tone. I enjoyed it! :slight_smile:


Kick ass Nick! Was that a original 50w head, or the YJM 100? I see you are plugged in treble side? What were the volumes at? What was the overdrive? Gray 250? Yjm 308? The new red one?

Yjm 100 head has overdrive controls in the back. And attenuater knob n stuff.

Mic’d cab? Or running to a 2notes direct?


Thanks dude! It’s a YJM100, using the internal overdrive. Volume was on full, attenuated down to just shy of ear-splitting :wink:

We mic’d a 1960B (G12-75Ts) with a single 57 in an iso booth. Didn’t stop it being monstrously loud though! Haha.


Sounds amazing man! lol. Great playing too. Thanks for the info. I’m a tone nerd. I used a yjm 100 for a little while. I had a feeling that’s what it was :grinning:



Fantastic playing and phrasing! Really got the Yngwie-scream in bends and vibrato. Solid performance too!


First of all the tone is incredible! It sounds like the classic Yngwie tone, with maybe a tad more grind on it.

Your playing is insane, those legato lines sound amazing with that tone.


Yea I saw this recently. Really awesome job, great playing!!


Well I guess we know who to hire if the singer fires Yngwie this time!

Awesome work here!!


Great job! You really nailed the tone as others have mentioned. How agressive is your pick attack here? I would guess that Yngwie uses a very light touch but I am not sure!


You mean the people I’m seeing in guitar magazine videos aren’t driving up in Ferraris with their own vintage gear in a trailer? You’re shattering my worldview here, man! :wink: Slick playing, BTW, and I think I caught a glimpse of some of that Gambale technique in a few spots. :smiley:


So good!! Not just in a technical sense, but the attitude and vibe as well. Loved all the different ‘quotes’ throughout as well!


Great Playing ! Fantastic !

Does Yngwie play with high strong action or was the guitar not set up properly ?


Wow man that’s just killer, YJM on YJM’s rig, you did it justice!