Yngwie switching to a floating technique for Single String Playing

If you check his first story on Instagram at the moment there is a great shot where the lighting really showcases how far his arm comes away from the guitar when playing these types of single string phrases :smiley:

Anyone noticed themselves doing something similar in their own USX playing? I found my USX sweeping very fluid but always struggled with the purely alternate side of the technique… that being said I was always anchoring to the guitar :thinking:

Sadly it’s gone now but there is a similar view in his latest post:

Almost looks Batio-ish from this angle :open_mouth:

I was just giving it a go and it was feeling pretty good! Using my middle finger on the guitar body to help control the motion. I’ve experimented with a similar motion previously when trying to get a gypsy-style thing going but that was more supinated while this is a lot more parallel to the strings then I would of expected.

Maybe the motion is more trapped like this? Might make sense that he clicks into this style for single string lines? :smiley: