Yngwie's "Since You Been Gone" Solo Transcription - Lots of tasty Yngwie blues licks!

I’ve always been a big fan of Yngwie’s supercharged blues licks and this solo is a great example of him mixing them into his normal 3nps repertoire! :smiley:

If anyone has any other bluesy Yngwie song recommendations let me know! I’m probably gonna give his Hendrix covers a look soon, as well as stuff like Bedroom Eyes, I Don’t Know and Blitzkrieg (which has a surprisingly bluesy solo near the end).


Nice, I see you’ve figured out the audio sync now :wink: Looks great.

Crazy to see Yngwie on stage with a Flying V!

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Thanks dude :smiley:

Very weird! Looks great though, he should get the V out more often!

Awesome work! I listened to Live Sentence constantly in 9th and 10th grade, love it.

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Thank you so much for this!

This concert is YJM in top form! His playing is incredible in these Japan shows.

I always thought his solo on “since you’ve been gone” was brilliant. Yngwies approach to blues riffs, have so much fire and attitude.

Great to see that others have “discovered” this solo as well. In this same concert:

Alcatrazz(Yngwie Malmsteen) - Live Something Else - YouTube

very cool riffs @ 4:30

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Awesome! Gonna take a crack at this later! The Alcatrazz live 84 record is Malmsteen in peak form.

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At 4:55 he plays a really awesome pentatonic lick as well. Hopefully someone here with a better ear than I can help me figure that lick out, I’m close but there’s a few notes I can’t make out when I slow it down via YouTube lol. Almost sounds like a sort of descending 4s lick?

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Thanks for all the kind words guys!

Wow! Never seen this before, thanks for sharing :smiley:

Great spot! I’ll definitely work it out soon and share it unless someone beats me to it :grin:


Thanks again @Jacklr. Great work!

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Here you go, the pentatonic lick you liked starts after the second part named “Interlude” :slight_smile:

In the 19th bar he does what I’d typically think of as a Dimebag style lick. I’ve notated it how I would pick it trying to stick to what he normally does within his system but Yngwie actually alternate picks the whole thing like the chad he is :sweat_smile:


Awesome wow thanks. I was somewhat close for the minimal time i put into it. Sounds good man!

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Bro, you are the best!!, i’m freaking out right now!!!

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I always found those ‘pentatonic-heavy’ solos on Metallic Live '84 out of character for Yngwie. It sounds like Michael Schenker + descending fours on steroids! Not hearing much of Blackmore’s influence in these solos tbh.

Is that a bad thing? Lol! Yngwie’s blues playing is awesome! Especially his early stuff, he is just ripping in songs on the Metallic live concert.

A refreshing take on the same old boring box pentatonic crap.

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What song was this? Because the original video is not available anymore

The second transcription was of this:

I believe Yngwie/his management had all the original videos taken down which is a shame because they were a lot better quality. The song is the cover they did of Eddie Cochran’s “Somethin’ Else” :slight_smile:

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It sucks because that live version/video had that awesome outro lick Yngwie played that you tabbed for me lol

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“I don’t know” from The Seventh sign album.