"You don't have any videos in your library"


I’m new to CTC (Awesome work, congratulations !)
I’ve just uploaded some videos in my library in order to have some feedback from users and instructors.
When I create a TC, I can’t add any video and get this message : “You don’t have any video in your library”
Actually, there are 3 videos in my library (visibility set to “public” for each one).

What’s wrong ?
Thanks for your help

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Sorry for the confusion! We’re looking into it.

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Ok, this should be fixed. If you notice any more weirdness when you’re on that page again, just let us know and we’ll get on it asap.

Thank you, all is fine !
I managed to make my first TC :ok_hand:

Just a precision regarding the different options for “visibility” of my TC please…
I understand that “public” means that my TC will be seen and could be discussed by any user of the forum.
But what about “private” ? it’s mentionned that it will be “only seen by you” ?
But I guess it will also be submitted to instructors, right ?
If not, it doesn’t make sense :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Thanks for your answer

I don’t know if it’s an issue or not : I can see my TC in my dashboard (TC library) but when I click on it, it doesn’t open… I can’t see anything under the page title (Troygrady.com > dashboard > technique critique > the title of my TC)

Maybe it’s because I set my TC as “private” ? :thinking:

Thanks !

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Thanks for letting us know and sorry for the holdup! Troy is on NY time so (hopefully) sleeping now. I’ll get in touch with him asap about this, we’ll sort it :slight_smile:

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Yep, another bug. The TC is there, we’ll figure out why it’s not displaying. It’s probably a quick fix. Sorry for the confusion!

OK thanks !
If you can see the TC that’s great… I just have to wait for your precious feedback now :wink::ok_hand:t2:

Ok you’re back. The problem is that Vimeo failed to generate a poster image for that one video of yours. Why this happens, we don’t know. But we weren’t properly handling that case when it occurs. That’s fixed now, you should be able to see your TC when you click on it. And so can we.

Let us know if anything else pops up.

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Ok great thanks for your reactivity !

Can you confirm my TC is opened and that it will be reviewed by instructors ?
Or shall I set it to “public” for that ?

Thanks for your answer

Yep it’s working fine now! The three of us are discussing the best advice to give and we’ll get back to you shortly :+1: