You gotta figure out a way to make the pick glide

Doesn’t matter how you choose to pick fast. Play fast. I’ve noticed that you gotta figure out some way to make the pick glide through the strings on both the downstroke and the upstroke. Like a knife through butter.

Picking from the wrist I have serious doubts about. It doesn’t seem to work very well. I have more success with picking from the thumb and forefinger like Yngwie does it.

But I still have problems with getting that pick to just glide through the strings without unnecessary resistance when picking. You have to figure out some way to minimize resistance or you will never play fast.

Some people can do it and some can’t. I’m beginning to believe I simply can’t do it.

Money says that you can do it! How deep are you aiming for perturbing the string? 1mm? 2mm? 3mm? more?

I believe that Rusty Cooley said that he’s aiming to hit the top half of the string, apparently he wants to barely scratch it.

And edge picking (hitting with the edge rather than a face) helps.

I’ve turned the point of the pick toward the nut so I believe I am striking the string with the edge of the pick. I’ve had a little success but it’s pretty hard to do it consistently. Lots of times I just can’t do it. There are too many physics and mechanics involved in developing a picking technique.

When I got my first moton (wrist, DSX) the pick just grazed the string…I couldn’t dig in. I was both overjoyed and horrified. Over time I was able to dig in and get a tone I liked.

You may just need time…or post a video…lots of expert eyes here.

That doesn’t sound right. I think it’s time for you to post some video.