Your current favourite guitars?

I have about 10 guitars altogether but the two I keep coming back to at the moment are a PRS SE standard 24 in metallic blue and an Ibanez RGRT421 neck through.

Both absolute bargains, less than 500$ new each, including pickup swap for the Ibanez, both light and super confortable with wide thin necks and flawless finish and setups.
I put 10-46 NYXL strings on the PRS and 9.5-44 nyxl on the Ibanez which gives about the same tension, I can play both for long stretches without fatigue.

They cover pretty much all the sounds one could want -the PRS has a great coil split, Ibanez has a 5 way superswitch with various coil combinations.

I can’t say I’ve cured my GAS - I just like guitars, but these two are my perfect workhorses.

Looking back at my recordings (e.g. those I shared in the Show&Tell section), my best playing was with the (relatively) cheap Chapman ML1, followed by the Shaftesbury 3412:

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Ernie Ball Music Man JP6 for me, what a guitar! Used to use Ibanez this thing blows them into next century!
The cut away arm rest is super super comfortable for most playing aspects although my arm does raise a bit out of the cut away for speed picking.
The D sonic in the bridge is excellent, probably better for Hard rock as it’s a bit looser? than the crunchlab.
Air Norton in the neck is OK, better when LOUD. The mid position is sublime and covers a lot of ground. Has a Piezo that I rarely use.

Just to add - the floating trem is possibly even better than a Floyd or at least as good IMO, although it takes a bit of getting used to if you are a FR player.

Oh man.
10 guitars is quite a big herd.

I only have two:
A cheap, chinese-made Dean Vendetta that was my first guitar ever. I wanted to play br00tz at the time, disliked crazy shapes, this model was fairly popular in this price range at the time…
All I can say is it is a good guitar for the money, should not have gone for FR though me thinks.
Switched the bridge pickup to Bill Lawrence L500xl, because a) cheap b) Pantera c) the stock one was muddy.

Almost 9 years later I bought Schecter Blackjack ATX C-8 - very spontaneous decision, not much thought went into it, but I DO NOT REGRET it, even in the slightest.
Literally the-best axe I ever laid my hands on. Love the 8-string oooomph.

But I’m not into superstrats too much now, so my next choice would be a decent Les Paul variant with active pickups, black with white or creme binding.
I know there is some Harley Benton’s copy of LTD in a decent price, so if I ever have some cash to spare, I will consider it, but I’m thinking of getting some cheap bass too so I can finally record whole songs.
Choices, man. Choices.

I’ve got two RG550s - one is a 1991 DX in neon purple with the matching mirror pick guard, the other is a 2018 Genesis reissue in Road Flare Red. I keep the purple DX in B standard for my band and use the RFR for everything else. Totally love these guitars, the perfect instrument for me in both feel and looks. The only thing I’ve not settled on are the pickups. I’ve been using Dimarzio D Activators but I’m going to swap them out soon for Seymour Duncan parallel axis distortion set in the B standard. I might do the same emphasized textin the RFR or do a JB in the bridge and a 59 or jazz in the neck.

Well, it always changes, but at the moment I prefer one of my oldest guitars, a Washburn EC-29 for practice and for just noodling 2 ultra-cheap Harley Bentons, a ST-62 MN VW Strat copy and an even cheaper TE-20MN Tele (I think this one was 89€). Did some minor adjustments to the setup, replaced the string retainers and improved the shielding. They perform unbelievable regarding the price.

Including the acoustics I think I can easily beat the 10 guitars :wink:


Definitely in the “more gear than talent” camp as I’m probably around ten electrics at the moment, myself (a couple are specific purpose guitars, like rhythm guitars for recording, and two are probably going to be sold because I have something else in the arsenal that I reach to before them - I hate owning guitars that don’t get regular playtime).

But, my first-reach guitar these days is an insanely resonant Suhr Modern 6 H-H with a quilted maple top, mahogany body, and roasted maple neck. It’s just the most alive-feeling guitar I’ve ever played.

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A YJM signature strat. I usually have this setup at my farm, in the city due to some family stuff.
Just got that cab yesterday, cant wait to let if fly on the farm :smiley: