Your Poptarts lick Moment

As someone who finally got a smooth, repeatable version of the poptarts lick after a couple months of drudgery, I’m super happy right now and wanted anyone to share their similar experience in finally getting a technique like USX to work in the manner of Troy Grady in his series.


Sounds like me! I had a good - but not great version of it - and wanted to get it to 200 bpm from memory. Was working on it for months. Ended up with a few road bumps that were difficult to iron out. Left it and was working on other stuff for 6 months or so. Now I can play it very cleanly with those road bumps rectified. Lesson for me: sometimes it is good to leave something for a while and come back to it later.


Playing 2NPS pentatonics in front of @eric_divers was like “oh crap, perhaps I can play fast”.